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Born in Milton Keynes Hospital, I've subsequently chosen to live my entire 30 years in Milton Keynes. From Hodge Lea to Oldbrook and now presently residing in Woburn Sands, I'm just down the road from my small business within the constituency. A Private Gym – The POD 'The Pain of Discipline' - perfectly surmises my attitude and work ethic.

Whether that was as an operational Prison Officer for 4 years at HMP Woodhill (Milton Keynes' very own Category A High-Security Prison, of which two years were on the CSC Unit - check it out) or founding my own small business a few years ago, discipline, accountability and social responsibility has underpinned it all. To complete the Jim Rohn quote, thus avoiding 'The Pain of Regret'.

With many personal opportunities on the horizon, including a lead role in a feature film next year as well as the growth of my business, standing for Reform UK is perhaps an inconvenience. Truthfully it is. Much like my previous political engagements, particularly in 2016, aiding the 'Leave' campaign with logistics, public speaking and debates, my disposition has always been based solely on conviction and principle.

In 2019, I supported Nigel Farage's narrative in the General Election to not disrupt the Tories, despite growing doubt in the Conservatives. I too believed Boris Johnson could unite the right-of-centre, fulfil Brexit and move us to a completely sovereign, liberal economy (low tax / high growth / higher revenue) underpinned with social conservatism. Evidently, that did not transpire and the trend line stooped downward even more. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

So, this time I will be standing for the only right-of-centre party in the election, that actually believes and manifests a patriotic libertarian attitude.

Labour will inevitably let down the blue-collar workers (especially in the North) to prioritise the 'Woke', Metropolitan and Muslim pull factors (how they reconcile those groups, I don't know). As for the Conservatives, they have already let down their core voters. 14 years of potential wasted as if in an Orwellian memory hole. They are closing their term with self-destruction, exploitation of trust and lost integrity. The Tories have failed by even their own standards, let alone any other metric, most notably:

National Debt

Delivering Brexit


I genuinely believe the Reform Party presents a viable, attractive and positive manifesto (definitely check it out) that can emulate Canadian politics in the 80s with their own Reform Party. Should I overcome first-past-the-post and become your MP, I would like to make "absolutely clear" that my present business ambitions will halt; I will drop all tools and utilise the attributes mentioned in my opening paragraphs to ensure you are represented, authentically and sincerely via Reform UK.

Milton Keynes Central Constituency Map

Milton Keynes Central Constituency Map

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Electorate: 76708


1 Broughton

2 Campbell Park & Old Woughton

3 Central Milton Keynes

4 Danesborough & Walton

5 Loughton & Shenley

6 Monkston

7 Shenley Brook End

8 Woughton & Fishermead

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