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I have lived in the Uckfield area and been married, for 30 years. We have two ‘grown up’ children that have both flown the nest and we have a granddaughter. We have three Scottish Terriers that tend to ignore anything that I say and I have been trying unsuccessfully to learn to play the guitar for fifty years.

I am state educated and had no idea what a university was when I was eighteen.

For the last thirteen years, together with my wife, we owned and ran a successful care business in Sussex. 

From 2019 – 2023, I served as a Conservative District Councillor (Wealden).

I have always enjoyed volunteering. Many years ago, I was an army reservist. I spent 6 years as part of the RNLI as a crew member on the Newhaven Lifeboat and have also been a Special Constable based at Haywards Heath.

Why am I standing for election and why for the Reform Party?

I am certainly not a career politician but over the last couple of years, I have realised that I no longer have synergy with any of the major political parties in the UK. Effectively, there seems to be too much politics in politics. We have a short-term political system whereby political parties don't have the courage to make the radical changes that this country needs if we are to progress. We need radical change and need to be brave to make those changes. We are a great nation but we need to drive forward. Proportional representation and more cross party working to utilise all talent in British politics would be a good start.


Running a business is tough. Making decisions that affect hundreds of people whilst continuing to keep your business viable is not easy. I believe that SMEs play a huge part in driving the economy whilst providing jobs to many people. Reform will reduce the amount of Corporation Tax paid by businesses and increase the income tax threshold to encourage people off benefits and back to work.


I support the NHS. My daughter was born in the Princess Royal Hospital and spent two weeks in the special care unit so we are eternally grateful for all the support given at that time. Unfortunately, much has changed over the years and our NHS is now in crisis. There is no point in ploughing more money into a system that isn't working before significant changes are made. Reform has clearly set out how those changes can be made to give the NHS a second life.


I have had the pleasure of working with Sussex Police as a special constable and understand the challenges and frustrations felt by many police officers. County drug lines, rural crime, antisocial behaviour and shop lifting are all on the increase in the local area. We do need more police officers, but we also need to streamline processes and procedures, so officers spend less time in the station and more time on patrol. This is what most officers would far rather be doing. Zero tolerance policing and increased stop and search powers will reduce antisocial behaviour and knife crime. We need significantly more detention places so more custodial sentences become the norm and reduced prison sentences due to capacity issues are irradicated. The Reform Party has set out how it will give the police more powers as well as 40,000 additional police officers in the next five years.


Not everything is the fault of the government or the responsibility of schools.

I am a big believer in the family unit (traditional or otherwise).

Reform has set out how it will support families via tax incentives and changes to child benefits.

Housing Crisis

As a district councillor, I spent many years on planning committees and became extremely frustrated with the planning system. The current system demands planning applications for thousands of houses to be passed in the hope that 35% will be affordable to first time buyers or purchased by housing associations. It simply isn't working. We have been left with planning permissions being granted but then being sold on rather than being built out. Those that are built out in reasonable time tend to lack infrastructure. The housing crisis needs defining and then a joined-up approach needs to be formulated. Reform is committed to reviewing the planning system.


I believe in our commitment to NATO and Trident. As an ex-reservist, I recognise that our army has some of the best trained soldiers in the world, but we are far from the best equipped. Reform is committed to an increase in Defence spending and maintaining a lead role in NATO.


As an ex-lifeboat crew member, I have every sympathy for those in danger at sea but we cannot continue to allow the small boats to cross the channel.

Smashing the gangs will not work. The gangs are only providing a service.

Ultimately, we should detain, process and deport illegal immigrants swiftly which will deter and greatly reduce the numbers attempting the crossing.

We also need to work smarter with our European partners to try and stop immigration Europe wide.

Reform has set out its 6-point plan to stop the boats.

Our Contract With You - Reform UK (reformparty.uk)

I will be standing at the next General Election and if successful, I intend to be a strong voice that represents the people of Mid Sussex. If unsuccessful, I will be buying a sailing boat and taking guitar lessons.

I will be delighted to hear from you and will welcome any thoughts, comments or frustrations.

Thank you

Mid Sussex Constituency Map

Mid Sussex Constituency Map

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Electorate: 72255


1 Ardingly, Balcombe & Turners Hill

2 Burgess Hill Dunstall

3 Burgess Hill Franklands

4 Burgess Hill Leylands

5 Burgess Hill Meeds & Hammonds

6 Burgess Hill St Andrews

7 Burgess Hill Victoria

8 Cuckfield, Bolney & Ansty

9 Downland Villages

10 Hassocks

11 Haywards Heath Ashenground

12 Haywards Heath Bentswood & Heath

13 Haywards Heath Franklands

14 Haywards Heath Lucastes & Bolnore

15 Haywards Heath North

16 Hurstpierpoint

17 Lindfield

18 Lindfield Rural & High Weald

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