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Mid Bedfordshire Constituency Reform UK PPC Dave Holland

I was born in Ampthill in the heart of the Mid Bedfordshire Constituency and, via Flitwick and Haynes West End now live in Shillington with my wife Mandy as well as our dogs.

An IT consultant by trade, I first got involved in politics campaigning for the Brexit party and subsequently in both local and Parliamentary politics for Reform UK including standing in the 2023 Mid Bedfordshire by-election, achieving the largest number of votes achieved by a Reform UK candidate up until that point.

Passionate and driven, I really enjoy campaigning. Since being appointed to Mid Bedfordshire in early 2022 I first introduced myself to residents delivering 60,000 leaflets, speaking to many people along the way.

During the Mid Beds by-election campaign which extended to 132 consecutive days of campaigning I, along with a fantastic team knocked on 40,000 doors as well as holding local events with high profile Reform UK speakers in attendance.

I'm committed to getting the Parties policies out across the whole Mid Bedfordshire constituency (which for the 2024 general election will have a newly defined boundary reducing the electorate to 71,748).

I have been involved with several local campaigns including fighting to prevent the creation of Greenwoods New Town between Barton-le-Clay and Silsoe as well as assisting the campaign for a GP surgery in Wixams.

Mid Bedfordshire has seen the third largest growth in new homes in the country with no addition to any of our services for the residents. No new GP's or surgeries, no more dentists, no more school places, no more police, no infrastructure spending of any note at all. This has resulted in our standard of living progressively falling as we have to queue for appointments, for operations and struggle to find a dentist.

Mid Bedfordshire does not have a single bank branch, not one. If you want to visit a bank you have to travel to Bedford, Luton or Hitchin. The new banking hub in Ampthill doesn't have a cash desk so local shopkeepers can't carry out daily banking as they need to.

The residents of Mid Bedfordshire deserve better, they deserve to get better value for their taxes. Many of these local issues are driven by national policy, mass immigration and the cost of our obsessive net zero at all cost ideology.

I'm standing for Reform UK because I have had enough of the mediocre representation we have received over the last few decades that has led us to where we are today.

If you are fed up too, get involved, join us, volunteer and help us campaign.


Mid Bedfordshire Constituency Map (Revised Boundaries 2023)

Mid Bedfordshire Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate 71,748


1 Ampthill

2 Aspley and Woburn

3 Barton-le-Clay & Silsoe

4 Cranfield and Marston Moretaine

5 Flitwick

6 Houghton Conquest & Haynes

7 Meppershall & Shillington

8 Toddington

9 Westoning, Flitton & Greenfield

10 Stewartby & Elstow

11 Wixams & Wilstead

12 Wootton & Kempston Rural

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