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My name is Tony Jones and I am your local spokesperson  for the Reform UK party. I have lived in Mansfield for over 40 years, in the same  terraced house off Westfield Lane. I am married with four grown children. My children were all born in the King's Mill Hospital's Maternity Unit.

They all grew up in Mansfield and attended Mansfield schools. I started my career teaching at The Brunts School (1976 -1983), and then, I moved to Portland Training College on Nottingham Road (1983 -1990). Eventually, working all across the UK and, indeed, the world (I spent three years in Taiwan) for businesses and self employed.  

I am educated to Master's Degree level (University of Sheffield) and have attended London University, Cambridge University, Sheffield University and, finally, Manchester University.

Following a stroke in August 2020, I am now severely disabled (left hemiplegia) with no speech. You can read the story of my first terrible year following the stroke here. I realise that I am not a typical candidate but I am willing to try and overcome my disability to represent Mansfield.

Mansfield Constituency Map

Mansfield Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 74680


1 Bancroft

2 Berry Hill

3 Brick Kiln

4 Carr Bank

5 Central

6 Eakring

7 Grange Farm

8 Holly Forest Town

9 Hornby

10 Kings Walk

11 Kingsway Forest Town

12 Lindhurst

13 Ling Forest

14 Manor

15 Market Warsop

16 Maun Valley Forest Town

17 Meden

18 Mill Lane

19 Netherfield

20 Newlands Forest Town

21 Oak Tree

22 Oakham

23 Park Hall

24 Penniment

25 Pleasley

26 Racecourse

27 Rock Hill

28 Rufford

29 Sherwood

30 Southwell

31 Thompsons

32 Vale

33 Wainwright

34 Warsop Carrs

35 West Bank

36 Yeoman Hill

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