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Born in Colchester, and a few years in Gibraltar where we were stationed as my father was a Royal Naval Captain.   Worked in Colchester area before my marriage to a farmer and then later moving abroad for several years.   I returned to Britain in 2009 and worked as a ‘Companion/Carer’ to a lady with Alzheimers in Henley-on-Thames.   This gave me an insight into the care needs of those suffering from this awful disease and how hard it is for their Carer’s.  

Now retired I live in Frinton-on-Sea.

On the political front I was a Young Conservative and have campaigned for Colchester MP Sir Antony Buck in 1969.

I have been a Conservative Colchester Borough Councillor from 1998 to 1999.  And after returning to Britain I was elected as a Conservative Councillor for Frinton and Walton Town Council 2017 and 2019.

To quote the [local paper] Clacton Gazette I polled almost more votes than my four election rivals combined and I romped home to win. 

Like many people I became disillusioned, disappointed and felt very let down by the Conservative Party who continually make promises and are constantly inconsistent in their decisions.

I joined Reform UK because I believe that they will be consistent in their decisions and I am thrilled and excited to be selected as P.P.C. for Maldon Constituency.

Reform UK have given me and provided Britain with hope that we can all again be proud of being British.  A country where we can be safe in our own homes and on the streets no matter who we are or where we come from.

I will be honoured to represent the constituents of the Maldon area, always being available to deal with any worries, concerns or issues they may have and I am not afraid of speaking up for truth and justice.    

We all know that Immigration must be tightly controlled for the sake of each and everyone of us. Those coming in illegally have been allowed and even welcomed by many in power and certain charities and it seems they have priority over all of us. I fully support Reform UK’s  policy of bringing this to a halt.

Likewise we have a wonderful health service which is constantly being stretched to the limit as are all the medical staff by the extra demands put upon it by mass immigration into this country.  Again something Reform UK and I are dedicated to change.

Other areas I am passionate about is the care of vulnerable adults and children who are either mentally or physically abused by family members due to family break ups or those outside the family.  And we must not forget our Services, the men and women who during conflict often make the ultimate sacrifice with their lives in the name of serving the United Kingdom and keeping us all safe.

Only Reform UK is dedicated enough to bring about real change to our broken and increasingly fractured society and if you vote for Reform UK Pamela Walford PPC for Maldon you can rely on me to see these changes brought about.

By voting for Reform UK you will be putting the ‘Great’ back into Great Britain.  

So, Let’s Make Great Britain Great Again!


So, Let’s Make Britain Great Again!


Maldon Constituency Map

Maldon Constituency map

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Electorate: 76794


1 Althorne

2 Burnham-on-Crouch North

3 Burnham-on-Crouch South

4 Great Totham

5 Heybridge East

6 Heybridge West

7 Maldon East

8 Maldon North

9 Maldon West

10 Mayland

11 Purleigh

12 Southminster

13 Tillingham

14 Tollesbury

15 Tolleshunt D'Arcy

16 Wickham Bishops and Woodham

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