Maidstone and Malling Constituency

Paul Thomas Maidstone and Malling constituency PPC

Candidate - Paul Thomas

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Paul’s lived in the Constituency all of his life, is a parent and grandparent. He responsibly walks his dogs around the constituency area. Has represented Maidstone and Kent Business on the South East Local Enterprise Partnership.  These brought him in working contact with Local, County and Unitary Authorities both officers and elected politicians. It provided access to Government Ministers and Civil servants. This exposure made him realise how ineffective the majority of our elected politicians really are and are not truly representing the wishes of the people who elected them or the Country as a whole.

Paul felt he had two choices give up voting or stand up and seek to Reform matters before it is too late. Reform UK party was the obvious choice as it is the only true alternative and their policies are both common sense and will genuinely deliver for Britain. 

Maidstone and Malling, Kent and Britain desperately needs a line drawn in the sand and positive action taken to reduce the extortionate cost of unnecessary bureaucracy impacting Education; NHS; Policing; Road, Rail and Social Infrastructure to name but a few. 

The Maidstone and Malling Constituency area has seen growth without the necessary infrastructure and to the detriment of existing residents. Maidstone and Malling is being left behind in regular rail services with Thameslink services promised for years but no closer now than pre-covid. Local bus services are being severely constrained at a time when more are needed.

Paul's experience in strategic development gives him a comprehensive understanding of what is required to re-address the balance in favour of existing residents. There is a lot of inappropriate development which exacerbates the issues and provides little or no benefit. Paul will draw on his experience to lobby hard for the residents of Maidstone and Malling if elected. He believes it's not solely about the cost of living but also the quality of life that matters. 

As a local resident he has a vested interest in delivering sound outcomes and a common-sense approach which has been missing for the last 13 odd years. Paul wants to emulate one of the best MP's the area has seen in Ann Widdecombe and deliver for all of the electorate irrespective of party allegiances. It is time to vote for an MP who will work hard for the constituents and a vote for Paul will deliver this. 

Maidstone and Malling Constituency Map

Maidstone and Malling Constituency Map

Maidstone and Malling constituency Information

Electorate: 73084


Maidstone Wards

1 Allington & Bridge

2 Barming Heath & Teston

3 Fant & Oakwood

4 (part of) Grove Green & Vinters Park

5 High Street

6 (part of) Loose & Linton

7 Palace Wood

8 Penenden Heath

9 Ringlestone

10 Tovil

Malling Wards

11 Aylesford South & Ditton

12 (part of) Birling, Leybourne & Ryarsh

13 (part of) East Malling, West Malling & Offham

14 (part of) East and West Peckham, Mereworth & Wateringbury

15 Kings Hill

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