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I was raised in Cheshire and Kent, and graduated as a Bachelor of Dental Surgery at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. I’ve lived in Charnwood 44 years and principally practiced in Leicester, but also in Shepshed and Barrow upon Soar. I’m married to Mary.

Now retired, I maintain interests in cycling, hill walking, languages, music, sailing, DIY, travel, and of course, politics. Four of my key issues:

  • Out of control population growth
  • Freedom of speech and Common Sense politics
  • The evils of Globalisation
  • Reining in some UK institutions

My political history is:-

2011 Joined UKIP when denied an EU referendum

2013-18 Chairman of UKIP Loughborough & District branch

2015 General Election. I stood for UKIP in NW Leicestershire – gaining 17%

2016 Loughborough’s principal BREXIT campaigner, working cross party and none.

2017 General Election. I stood for UKIP in Loughborough as a democracy candidate

2018 Joined The Brexit Party. Campaigned hard until December 2019

2021 Joined Reform UK as East & West Midlands area manager

2022 County Organiser - Leicestershire & Rutland

2024 PPC for Loughborough constituency and fighting hard.

What’s good for the UK is good for Loughborough. I seek:

  • A complete BREXIT with all the UK completely under UK law.
  • Net Zero immigration, “one in, one out”, for essential skills that we can’t readily train.
  • ‘The small boat complements returned immediately to France’. Place all ‘illegals’ offshore and remove them promptly. They rejected the legal route and are always free to leave. A strict legal immigration system.
  • An Energy policy that supports UK industry and not that of China, India and others.

As is stands, Net Zero Energy is ‘Net Stupid’.

  • The end of multiculturalism. Fortunately most cultures increasingly blend into our community based on English values, laws and language. Every culture matters, but primarily we’re all English. None of us need increasing division.
  • Stop paying people to do nothing. This needs serious debate.
  • Housing in Loughborough is a nightmare.

It’s NOT a Housing Crisis. It’s a Population Crisis!

Loughborough Constituency Map

Loughborough Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 73902


1 Barrow upon Soar

2 Dishley, Hathern & Thorpe Acre

3 Loughborough Ashby

4 Loughborough East

5 Loughborough Nanpantan

6 Loughborough Outwoods & Shelthorpe

7 Loughborough Southfields

8 Loughborough Storer

9 Loughborough Woodthorpe

10 Quorn & Mountsorrel Castle

11 Shepshed East

12 Shepshed West

13 Sileby & Seagrave

14 The Wolds

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