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I joined ReformUK because every other party — Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, Greens, etc. — appeared so similar in practice and action that the only noticeable difference among them was the colour they had chosen for themselves. They don’t support or fulfill the very policies and promises they are elected on. In direct contrast to those promised policies, they consistently adopt unanimous policies that are either deceptive or can only be described as anti-democratic.

Year after year, over my lifetime, it has steadily worsened, accompanied by the immensely aggressive nature of our government's obsession with interfering in both our lives and freedoms. I felt that to remain on the sidelines and not stand for my own beliefs would be nothing less than a Faustian Bargain.

Britain has been greatly injured over the last 50 years—in education, health, security, economy, diplomacy, and in direction. I pose a simple question: What is our goal as Britain? No goal equals no direction. No direction equals no mobility, and no mobility equals no action taken. If, like me, you can discern the symmetry between the parties that were in power and the injured sectors of our country, then you are not alone and are most welcome.

ReformUK, on the other hand, has not only supported my views but has also inspired them. The party aligns closely with my perspective regarding the direction our country has taken and where it could lead with leaders and supporters who genuinely care about the future of Britain.

Its alignment with my perspective on the trajectory of our country and the potential under compassionate leadership offers a refreshing contrast to the status quo. ReformUK embodies the promise of a better future for Britain, where genuine concern for the nation's well-being takes precedence.

My name is Jamie-Lee McMillan, I’m the PPC for Lincoln, I was raised in Sleaford and now live a stone throw away from RAF Waddington.

I look forward to hearing from and standing for you all.

Lincoln Constituency Map

Lincoln Constituency Map

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Electorate: 74128


1 Abbey

2 Birchwood

3 Boultham

4 Carholme

5 Castle

6 Glebe

7 Hartsholme

8 Minster

9 Moorland

10 Park

11 Witham

12 Bracebridge Heath

13 Skellingthorpe & Eagle

14 Waddington Rural

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