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At the next General Election, the people of Lewisham East can make a choice, do they want to vote for a party (Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Greens) whose leaders have signed up for the United Nations and World Economic Forum’s, Agenda 2030, ‘Build Back Better’ and ‘Great Reset’ agendas. Or do they want a party who will do what the voters have asked for.

The reason I voted for Brexit was to reclaim British sovereignty. ReformUK want to reject the influence of the World Economic Forum and cancel membership of the World Health Organisation. They also oppose the creation of the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), which could stop us gaining access to our bank accounts, or tell us we have a certain amount of time to spend the money in our bank account, or we would lose it. The globalists also want to impose 15 minute cities on us and restrict our freedom to travel. At this election we have an opportunity to fight for our freedoms.

As a teacher I would like to see smart phones banned in schools. Young people are becoming addicted to their phones and have very little attention span. This effects their learning. Phones can be used to bully their peers and adults can use it to push things like transgender ideology and Critical Race Theory on vulnerable young people. ReformUK wants to deal with this by launching inquiries into these issues.

I am also concerned about the rise in knife crime and crime in general in London. ReformUK want to increase the number of police and get police back to fighting crime, rather than policing comments made on social media and promoting the woke agenda.

ReformUK also want to set up and Excess Deaths and Vaccine Harms Public Inquiry. During Covid people were given false information about the Covid vaccines and pressurised into taking the vaccine by the government and mainstream media. Eminent doctors who spoke out about the dangers of these vaccines were censored and were painted as ‘crazy anti-vaxers’ and accused of spreading conspiracy theories.

The information on the dangers of these vaccines and the real reason for them, were all out there but ordinary people who believed mainstream media, the government and the NHS and who only wanted to do what they thought was the ‘right thing’, did not have access to it. This should never be allowed to happen again.

This election is one of the most important elections our country has ever faced. We can vote for a party who wants to curtail our freedoms and impose a form of tyranny on us, or we can vote for a party who has common sense policies and wants to deal with the real issues facing the UK today.

Lewisham East Constituency Map

Lewisham East Constituency Map

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Electorate: 71706


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