Lee Anderson MP Joins Reform UK

Today we announced our first Member of Parliament. This is a huge day for Reform UK and for Britain.
Lee Anderson has left the Tories and joined us. We have a voice in parliament.

Help us fightback. Please support Reform UK and our first Member of the House of Commons.

Lee went into politics to put his country and local people first. He never changed his values and principles. The Tory party changed theirs. They betrayed Lee, all true conservatives and our great nation.

Like so many Lee had enough of the broken Tory promises and lies. Record immigration. Record crime. The small boats crisis. Islamist extremists spreading hate and violence while police did nothing. And finally the pro-Islamist George Galloway entering parliament.

Lee had enough of seeing his country’s culture, heritage and values destroyed before our eyes.
He'd also had enough of watching his local constituents getting poorer while the Tory government hit them with record taxes. Record NHS waiting lists. The housing crisis. The cost of living crisis. Job destroying Net Zero.

Like thousands of people every week, Lee realised that only Reform UK would stand up for our great nation and its people. 

Only Reform UK has the courage, leadership and policies to save Britain.

Only Reform UK will freeze non essential immigration. Stop the boats. Deport foreign criminals. Leave the European Convention on Human Rights. Only Reform will ban transgender ideology in all taxpayer funded institutions and put a stop to 'woke' madness.

But we are taking on the whole establishment. The Tories, Labour, the EU, the BBC and 'woke' big business.

We can only do it with your help.

This is a huge moment for our country. A general election is coming. We could be leading the Tories in the polls by Summer.

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