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Having lived my whole life in Kirkby, I have seen successive Labour and Tory governments let down my friends, family, and the people of Knowsley and Great Britain. We all instinctively know it's now time for change, so when I was asked to be the Reform UK parliamentary candidate for Knowsley, I knew it was time for me to make a stand for what matters to us all, and proudly accept the challenge.

I pledge to focus on six main areas to improve the outlook for my children as well as yours.

1 Net Zero Immigration - introduce fair and compassionate policies to welcome those with skills who can contribute to our society, while providing a safe haven to those who genuinely seek asylum. To achieve this, we must also regain control of our borders and put an end to illegal migration and punish those who facilitate this inhumane business.

2 Political Reform - It is time to start the revolt against the two-party system and demand real change by introducing proportional representation. This will ensure that we each have a voice to hold our government to account.

3 Mental Health – our country is in the grip of a mental health epidemic following the social effects caused by lock down and COVID. Our children are now pressurised to grow up too fast by social media and woke ideologies. Waiting times to access critical mental health services are keeping people out of work and education, causing further strain on services and society.

4 Lower Taxes - the individual tax burden is at its highest for seventy years. We must cut public sector waste, reform our bureaucratic and inefficient services, and remove unproductive non-jobs and middle management costs. Then we can again focus on delivering world class front line services.

5 Lower Energy Prices – we must make full use of our natural oil and gas reserves, embrace nuclear technologies, and remove subsidies to so-called "green" technologies. We need Great Britain to become energy self-sufficient to insulate ourselves from the unstable global political stage. The impact of energy prices to our households has been inexcusable.

6 Sustainable Environment Policies - Over the past two decades I have fought to preserve our few remaining green spaces in Knowsley, and have consistently championed environmental issues that impact us all. This is a subject that I remain passionate about but have the pragmatism to know that we must approach the complex subject of preserving nature without undermining our already shattered economy and adding further pressure to the cost-of-living crisis that is hitting all our pockets. Net Zero is making us poorer and colder, damaging British industry and forcing motorists off the road. Let's put Britain first and stop the unethical and illogical trade of carbon emissions to poorer countries.

Knowsley Constituency Map

Knowsley Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 71228


1 Cherryfield Ward

2 Halewood North Ward

3 Halewood South Ward

4 Northwood Ward

5 Page Moss Ward

6 Prescot North Ward

7 Prescot South Ward

8 Roby Ward

9 Shevington Ward

10 St Gabriels Ward

11 St Michaels Ward

12 Stockbridge Ward

13 Swanside Ward

14 Whiston and Cronton Ward

15 Whitefield Ward

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