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Rupert Lowe:

Im a farmer and businessman from Gloucestershire. I have no interest in making politics my career - in fact, I have promised to donate my entire net MP salary to local Kingswood charities.

Kingswood as a constituency will not exist at the next election so this is a unique opportunity to send rotten Westminster a seismic message that they cannot ignore and begin the process of radical change.

The Conservative Party has pushed our country to the brink. National debt and taxes at record highs. Soaring NHS waiting lists.  Broken public services. Crime through the roof.  No growth in the economy. Vast numbers of healthy, capable people unfairly claiming benefits. Mass immigration undermining our economy and social fabric.

The cost-of-living crisis was created by undercutting our wages with cheap imported labour, unaffordable / unnecessary lockdowns and overtaxing our own law-abiding citizens.

Instead of supporting decent Brits, our establishment allows thousands and thousands of young men from alien cultures to enter our country legally and illegally, putting them up in luxury accommodation whilst taxpaying Brits struggle to get by. Its a disgrace.

Starmer will be no better, we cannot trust the Labour Party. They will borrow more, tax more and double down on Net Zero. Mass immigration, legal and illegal, will continue uninterrupted.

The recent Post Office scandal underlines the contempt that our current political and legal establishment holds for its people. Kingswood constituents, I urge you to use this election as a lightning rod to demand change. The rule of law has been replaced by the rule of Lawyers and self-serving Politicians.

My message is simple. We need to urgently deliver policies for the benefit of the United Kingdom and its citizens.

It must pay to work:

Slash/simplify income tax on the working and middle classes

Slash taxes on the self-employed and small businesses

Slash cheap imported labour / immigration

Life must be affordable:

Ditch Net Zero

Cut business rates

We must be safe:

There is no such thing as petty crime. All crime must be treated seriously and robustly.

Stop illegal immigration

Make government accountable to you

These are all common-sense policies that are not offered by any political party other than Reform UK. With us your community would be richer, healthier and safer.

Vote for me, and it will deliver a seismic shock through our incompetent establishment.

Lend me your vote for fundamental change



Kingswood Constituency Map

Kingswood Constituency By Election Map

Kingswood By Election 15th February 2024

Please remember to take Photo ID with you to your polling station

Important Dates for By Election

30th January 2024 -Last day to register to vote

7th February 2024 5pm - Deadline to apply for 'voter authority certificate' (if you don't have photo ID)

7th February 2024 5pm - Receipt of proxy vote applications

15th February 2024 - Polling day

15th February 2024 5pm - Deadline to issue replacement postal ballot papers

Kingswood Constituency Information

Electorate: 68,972

Kingswood Constituency Wards:

1 Bitton and Oldland Common

2 Boyd Valley

3 Emersons Green

4 Frenchay and Downend

5 Hanham

6 Kingswood

7 Longwell Green

8 New Cheltenham

9 Parkwall and Warmley

10 Staple Hill and Mangotsfield

11 Winterbourne

12 Woodstock

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