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I had a long career working in the city and was Managing Director at one of the largest Global Investment banks. I have since spent the last 14 years using my experience an contacts to advise, mentor and raise investment for a number of small and medium sized companies. I am an award winning author and a moderately successful amateur racing driver of historic cars.

Until now I have never been a member of any political party and have only ever voted Conservative but they now do not represent my beliefs or what I voted for.

The Conservatives have outstayed their welcome and neither they nor Labour are fit for purpose. The Tories have broken Britain, Labour will bankrupt it. Both parties have betrayed Britain and it is increasingly difficult to differentiate between them so Reform is now urgently needed.

I am not a career politician and I am not in this for myself but for the country and ordinary hard working people but especially for the younger and future generations who are at the moment are being left an awful legacy. Having lived in Northamptonshire for thirty years I am privileged and very proud to have the chance to represent the people and businesses in the Kettering constituency as a no nonsense voice of common sense who will tackle and address local challenges and at national level confront the broken promises and issues that have been ignored for so long by successive governments:

After 14 years of Conservative governments, the public have become conditioned and resigned to accept failure:

We have become used to ministers and government institutions having no accountability and ministers in fighting and blaming everyone but themselves, eg the House of Lords, immigration lawyers, EU bureaucrats or the European Court of Human Rights.

I’m a passionate believer in a new kind of bottom-up politics, more open and more accessible.

I will fight against undemocratic and faceless global organisations taking the place of our democratic institutions.

I will campaign for Common sense policies including:

The freezing of unsustainable and chaotic increase in population due to rampant non essential immigration which is putting huge pressure on Healthcare, Social care, Housing, Policing and critically Education, all of which are buckling under the strain.

Increasing resources in those areas is a priority for me locally.

A true reform agenda of the NHS, the judiciary, tax, with a pro-growth economic plan.

A new deal for young people on student debt and on home ownership,

Lower taxation:

No tax on earnings below £20,000

Raise higher tax threshold to £70,000

Increase Corporation Tax threshold to £100,000

Cut employers NI from 13.8% to 10% under £70,000

Scrap stamp duty on property below £750,000

No VAT on domestic fuel

Abolish business rates for smaller firms to help the high streets

Only impose Inheritance Tax for estates over £2 million,

Scrap Net Zero

Policy is unaffordable and will wreck our economy.

Cut wasteful government spending.

Against cuts to the Armed forces, the hollowing out of Britain’s defence sector and government’s poor treatment of veterans,

More police desperately needed on the beat in order to focus on preventing real crime not thought crime, crack down on violence and antisocial behaviour much of which is drug related, 

Reform institutions:
Civil service,House of Lords and BBC.

The country wants and needs change but unfortunately:

If you vote Labour you’ll get Labour

If you vote Conservative you’ll get Labour

If you want change,vote Reform

Reform UK

Can replace Tories and become the opposition

Will stand up for British values, culture and identity

Put the great back into Britain

We need change and Reform

Kettering Constituency Map

Kettering Constituency Map

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