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Hello, residents of Kenilworth and Southam Constituency,

I am honoured to introduce myself as your candidate for Reform UK. I am dedicated to serving our community and advocating for real change. In these challenging times, it's crucial to have a representative who understands the pulse of our locality and has the experience and determination to address our pressing concerns.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have shown unwavering support, whether by attending our pop-ups, engaging in social events, or voicing your thoughts and aspirations for our constituency.

Let me share a glimpse into my journey and the principles driving my candidacy. With a career spanning the public sector since the age of 17, I've had the privilege of serving in two vital services: Policing and the NHS. These roles have afforded me invaluable insights into the myriad issues facing our communities and have equipped me with the skills necessary to navigate the complexities of governance effectively. I have completed advanced policing leadership courses and obtained CMI qualifications, enhancing my leadership skills and strategic capabilities.

Moreover, my tenure as a District Councillor for eight years has provided me with a nuanced understanding of local governance and the intricacies of policy-making at the grassroots level.

Education has been a cornerstone of my professional development, culminating in a LLB (law degree) and Legal Practice Certificate, alongside numerous professional qualifications. However, my decision to enter public service was fuelled not only by academic pursuit but by a profound sense of duty to my community—a commitment that was further galvanised by my battle with cancer, which underscored the importance of giving back and effecting positive change.

My involvement in various charitable endeavours, including The Adventure Corp, St John Ambulance, and Warwickshire Search and Rescue, reflects my enduring dedication to community welfare and inclusivity. Notably, I am immensely proud to have received the George Cross - NHS from the late Queen, in recognition of my frontline service as a nurse during the challenging period of the Covid pandemic.

As a member of Warwickshire Search and Rescue, we have as a body been honoured with The King's Award for Voluntary Service, a testament to the transformative power of collective action and civic engagement.

With a wealth of experience garnered from working at local, regional, and national levels, I stand poised to be your voice and advocate for meaningful reform. The challenges we face—from neglected public services to the soaring cost of living—demand bold, pragmatic solutions. Reform UK offers a clear path forward, one that prioritises revitalising our public services, cracking down on unchecked immigration, reducing burdensome taxes, and alleviating the strain of the cost of living crisis.

I am committed to championing these causes and ensuring that the voices of Kenilworth and Southam are heard loud and clear. Together, let us forge a future defined by progress, prosperity, and real change.

Thank you for your trust and support.


Kenilworth and Southam Constituency Map

Kenilworth and Southam Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 71451


1 Leam Valley

2 Dunsmore

3 Budbrooke

4 Cubbington & Leek Wootton

5 Kenilworth Abbey & Arden

6 Kenilworth Park Hill

7 Kenilworth St John's

8 Bishop's Itchington, Fenny Compton & Nap

9 Gaydon, Kineton & Upper Lighthorne

10 Harbury

11 Southam East, Central & Stockton

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13 Southam South

14 Southam West

15 Tysoe

16 Wellesbourne East & Rural

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