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I am Andrew Judson, Your Reform UK Parliamentary Candidate For Keighley and Ilkley.

A little about me.

I was born in Oakworth, attending Oakworth Primary through to Bronte Middle and lastly Oakbank school, leaving school I worked in arboriculture (tree work), I then went on to run a successful business in Keighley in the building industry and now work alongside my partner, running our family business in the garden and equine sector, I also still utilise my knowledge in remedial treatment of property, being a consultant for home buyers.

I’m passionate about the care of animals, and I have 5 rescue horses, 3 rescue dogs, and 3 rescue house cats,

I have and still reside and work in the town of Keighley and surrounding areas,

I am currently an active Councillor on Keighley Town Council for the Fell Lane and Westburn Ward, I am a very proactive councillor rather than reactive.

I am also heavily involved in the following: I take these roles very seriously and with great responsibility.

* Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Development Group,

Which is steering planning policy for the area. In which I orchestrated a meeting between the group and SELRAP, the organization that is responsible for campaigning for the re-opening of the Colne to Skipton Rail line, the presentation highlighted the enormous benefits on reopening this line for our region as well as the entire north of England and I whole heartedly support their endeavours.

*Member of the Planning and Public Safety committee.

*Public spaces and assets committee,

*Representative on the Yorkshire Local Council Association.

*Chair of Governors of 2 primary schools in the area,

*Council appointed to Beckfoot Nessfield local school committee.

As these active and varied roles, I see the issues the local area and its people face in these testing times.

I am very aware for a need to build more homes, but at what cost to those already residing in the area?

We are witnessing too many large scale developments in areas such as Silsden and Oakworth and Ilkley for example, yet our infrastructure and schools are not being developed accordingly, Leading to oversubscribed schools, Roads that cannot cope with the rise in traffic numbers, Doctor's appointment's being near unobtainable, The list goes on, We all feel this in our basic day to day lives and something needs to change, This needs to be addressed.

One of my actions if elected would be to strongly lobby to prohibit HGV vehicles from using the town of Silsden cut through to Ilkley and beyond, aiming to make an “access only” policy for HGVs.

Small towns with primary schools and a very narrow town centre are not a place for 20 tonne wagons.

I would campaign to prevent the sale of Golden Butts HWRC, despite overwhelming support to keep the site by the residents of Ilkley, it was still closed. The fight to reopen this much needed asset goes on, the possibility of private ownership has been raised and should be considered

There is absolutely no need for these large rumbling polluting dangerous vehicles to take this route as the trunk road and main roads on the outskirts of Skipton to Addingham to Ilkley are more that capable of taking them with very little time added to the journey, this is an action of financial gain over local wellbeing.

I would campaign to prevent the sale of Golden Butts HWRC, despite overwhelming support to keep the site by the residents of Ilkley, it was still closed. The fight to reopen this much needed asset goes on, the possibility of private ownership has been raised and should be considered,

Whether it be the HWRC of the traffic calming measures and speed bumps that were rejected by the people, BDMC carried on regardless.

Labour run Bradford Council must be made to actually listen to the residents’ concerns and where the residents overwhelmingly vote against an issue, that should be the end of it!

Councils do not know better than the people on the ground in the areas affected.

I have undertaken the role of Chair of governors as I feel the correct education of our young is paramount in this ever-changing world, It is the young who will shape the future of the world we live in today, I believe education should be for-filling, fun and rewarding, It is too easy to lose young minds interest if education becomes stale.

I believe to make the changes most people are crying out for in this constituency we need to start from grassroots, work from the ground up, what we do today effects the tomorrow, there are many more issues that our towns and countryside face, We all know these , we experience and talk about them on a daily basis, from Oakworth to Ilkley, (far too many to mention here) and the challenge is to identify the issues which matter to you as an individual or a whole village or town, I would like to take on this challenge and put my 100% in as I do the roles I already carry out successfully on behalf of the town of Keighley and it's residents I would like to broaden the use of my abilities and improve the wider area at the request of the constituents, I can only do this once appointed to the position of Member of Parliament for those who willed me there.

I am " I am reliably informed " very approachable as a person I currently work very well with many local organisations and communities.

Crime and anti-social behaviour are high on the list of concerns of the residents I have spoken to both in Keighley, Ilkley and the surrounding areas with Drug crime and County Line criminality very high on the list, and I will lobby to get a permanent police presence in Keighley, the town is the tenth largest civil parish in the country with a population of over 57.000. An accessible police station in the heart of Keighley is essential.

If I take on a role whether appointed, voted or indeed pushed, I give the position my all, Once tasked with a mission, I see it through to the end.

There will be issues I have not touched on here but I will listen to you and act for you!

I will sum up by stating that it is my belief Government and Members of Parliament have a responsibility to give you the life you deserve, which should be a happy fulfilled life. The role of Government is not to tell you how to live that life.

Thank you for your time.

Keighley and Ilkley Constituency Map

Keighley and Ilkley Constituency Map

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