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I am a retired teacher who specialised in working with children with special educational needs.  I am a resident of Freshwater and I am the prospective parliamentary candidate for Reform UK, Isle of Wight West.

I believe that successive governments have placed too much emphasis on education to degree level.  Encouraging and training young people to become the skilled men and women of the future will not only equip them to build a career for life but also help the country find the builders and engineers needed to solve the housing shortage we now face, as well as developing and growing our manufacturing capability as new technologies emerge.

I advocate a ban on any foreign fishing vessels entering British waters so that the pressure on fish stocks is reduced.  Rigorous scientific studies of stock levels and maturity should determine the size of the annual commercial harvest to ensure a healthy, growing population of fish for the future.  I am passionate about beach and small boat angling and a volunteer at the National Coastwatch Institution, Needles.

This country emits a tiny proportion of global CO₂ produced each year and we as a nation should not face the huge financial cost of trying to solve a problem we can have little influence over.  Net zero must stop as we will remain reliant on fossil fuels until real solutions for domestic, commercial, and transport energy needs can be developed.
The number of people entering this country as economic migrants is out of control but the small boat crossings from France can be stopped immediately and legally. 

Those already here should be assessed quickly and efficiently regarding their right to enter, and either returned to their home country or allowed to stay, if appropriate, as the burden on housing, health services, education, and the benefits system is overwhelming this country.  A points system should be introduced to allow and welcome qualified individuals, who will benefit the UK, to enter the country and apply for leave to remain.

I think government should plan for the long term, not for re-election.  Fully separating ourselves, and Northern Ireland, from the EU and leaving the ECHR will give us that opportunity.

The Reform Party will promise and deliver for this country.

Isle of Wight West Constituency Map

Isle of Wight West Constituency Map

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Electorate: 54911


1 Brighstone, Calbourne & Shalfleet

2 Carisbrooke & Gunville

3 Central Rural

4 Chale, Niton & Shorwell

5 Cowes Medina

6 Cowes North

7 Cowes South & Northwood

8 Cowes West & Gurnard

9 East Cowes

10 Fairlee & Whippingham

11 Freshwater North & Yarmouth

12 Freshwater South

13 Mountjoy & Shide

14 Newport Central

15 Newport West

16 Osborne

17 Pan & Barton

18 Parkhurst & Hunnyhill

19 Totland & Colwell

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