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My name is Sarah Morris. I am the prospective candidate for Reform UK Isle of Wight East. I believe we need something new and that other Islanders want change too. I am extremely frustrated and disappointed with what we currently have on offer,  so I have to try and make a difference.

We, as taxpayers, deserve a system that puts us first. A government free from corruption and cronyism. We need to stop our money from being wasted and given out in questionable contracts.  Most of those who currently run the country, and indeed those in opposition, have no idea what we are facing now and in the coming years.  Price hikes on food, energy, and mortgage rates, alongside possible food shortages and power cuts.  We need ordinary people with common sense speaking up for us.

A lot of families are on or very close to the breadline, and it absolutely wouldn’t be this way if the country was actually being run for us.  We need innovative ideas to deal with the many costs of lockdown, be it financial, the toll taken on our health system, or the impact on our children’s education.  Reform UK has a solid plan that includes all the issues that need to be fixed.

The political class has been playing games with our lives.  Their bad decisions never affect them.  I am proud to be British, but we’ve lost focus and control.  We need to reform the systems and get back to ones that work for us…Rebuild a country that we can be proud of, one we can be proud to pass down to future generations.

Isle of Wight East Constituency Map

Isle of Wight East Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 56805


1 Bembridge

2 Binstead and Fishbourne

3 Brading and St Helens

4 Haylands and Swanmore

5 Lake North

6 Lake South

7 Nettlestone and Seaview

8 Newchurch, Havenstreet and Ashey

9 Ryde Appley and Elmfield

10 Ryde Monktonmead

11 Ryde North West

12 Ryde South East

13 Ryde West

14 Sandown North

15 Sandown South

16 Shanklin Central

17 Shanklin South

18 Ventnor and St Lawrence

19 Wootton Bridge

20 Wroxall, Lowtherville and Bonchurch

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