Inverclyde and Renfrewshire West Constituency

Dr Catherine McCall Inverclyde and Renfrewshire West Constituency

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Why am I standing for Reform?

1) ReformUK is the only political party that is committed to scrapping Net Zero.

I believe the greatest immediate danger facing us is the attack on Farmers and Family farms and our food; threatening our health and our very survival.

Followed closely by the clear and present danger of governments and unelected international entities pricing us out of power.

Scrapping Net Zero will help us gain energy and food security.

2) ReformUK is the only party that takes Free Speech seriously.

Without Free Speech there can be no creativity, no scientific innovation and hence new technology, no new solutions to social or economic problems, and most of all NO FREEDOM.

Who am I?
 I’m a grandma and Practical Philosopher. Born on Rottenrow (Glasgow) daughter to an Eye Surgeon and a Paediatrician, my grandparents were Farmers in Ireland for many generations. While my home has always been in rural Scotland, I lived in Ireland, England, Wales and the USA before returning to my homeland.

Having studied Philosophy in Trinity College Dublin, I began my working life in London as the first woman NATKE WestEnd Dayman Carpenter, followed by: Sound Engineer, City and Guilds Electrician, Lighting Designer (in Paris), Technical Stage Manager and finally Writer and Director in London West End theatres.

During the run of my play “A Domestic Affair”, a play about domestic abuse, at The Riverside Studios in London I was (unexpectedly) offered a State Studentship to study for an MsC in Applied Psychology at UWIST, followed the University Scholarship for a PhD in Philosophy at Manchester University. While writing my PhD I was recruited as a Professor to the USA where I lived and worked for 6 years.

Returning to Scotland in1990 I established the Postgraduate Centre for Philosophical Inquiry at Glasgow University where I taught MPhil students and supervised PhD students as well as running community projects in Possil Park, Castlemilk and around Scotland and working as a consultant with businesses.

From the 1990’s onwards I worked in the UK, Poland, Iceland, Malta, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium and Turkey and my books were published and used in schools in UK, Iran, Turkey, Ireland, and The Netherlands.

As the elected President of Stichting SOPHIA (a European Foundation) for 17 years, I also had some experience of representing the interests of members from 28 countries to the EU Parliament and the EU Commission, with an emphasis on supporting and preserving the unique cultures of the nations I spoke for.

My life’s work has been empowering people from all backgrounds and many cultures, from 5-year-old children to 75-year-old Corporate Directors, to reason logically, to think creatively and critically and to think for themselves. In my spare time I paint acrylic paintings, swim, adore my grandchild and am the servant to three cats.

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Inverclyde and Renfrewshire West constituency map

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Electorate: 69,793


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2 Inverclyde East Central

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8 Houston, Crosslee and Linwood

9 Bishopton, Bridge of Weir and Langbank

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