Uncontrolled mass immigration has pushed Britain to breaking point. A record 1,250,000 immigrants entered the UK in 2022. That is a city the size of Birmingham. Data is expected to show a similar number arrived in 2023 and probably 2024. New government figures say that almost 14 million people will arrive between 2021 and 2036. That is almost 1 million every year. The population explosion has led directly to the depression of local wages, the housing crisis and the NHS waiting list crisis. British culture, identity and values are under threat.

In 2022 over 45,000 illegal immigrants crossed the channel in small boats, followed by some 30,000 in 2023. Most were allowed in with no criminal checks. Over 17,000 have gone missing. Foreign criminals and terrorists walk our streets. Record numbers of asylum claims have been granted, increasing the magnet factor to the UK. Labour and the Tories will never control our borders. The British people have been lied to, ignored and betrayed.


Critical reforms needed in the first 100 days:

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Freeze Non-Essential Immigration.
Smart immigration can target the essential skills our economy needs such as doctors, nurses and successful business people, earning above the average salary.

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Stop the Boats with our 6 Point Plan.
Recognise a national Security Threat. Leave the European Convention on Human Rights: Zero Illegal Immigrants to be Resettled in the UK; Offshore Processing for Illegal Arrivals; New Department of Immigration; Pick up Migrants out of Boats and Take Back to France. (We are legally allowed to do this under international treaties).

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Secure Detention for all Asylum Seekers.
Asylum claims that arrive though safe countries will be processed rapidly offshore in British Overseas Territories. This will stop the scandal of undocumented asylum seekers absconding to work illegally or commit crime.

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Immediate Deportation for Foreign Criminals.
Deport foreign nationals immediately after their prison sentence ends. Withdraw citizenship from immigrants who commit significant crime.

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Restrict Student Dependents.
Introduce new visa rules for international students and their dependents. Only international students with essential skills can remain in the UK when their study ends. Close down fake courses and abusive immigration schemes.

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Stop the Illegal Working Scandal.
Local wages have been slashed because of cheap, undocumented, illegal labour that undermines British workers. The pro-immigration establishment has not enforced the rules. Significant penalties will be imposed on companies and directors that breach these rules.


Immigration Pledges Savings = £5 billion pa


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This proposed contract is deliberately issued as a working draft. We welcome your comments, challenges and queries. The contract will be finalised later in the year. This is what happens in business, and the nation should be run like a lean, efficient business with motivated employees and happy customers.

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