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Who is Raj Forhad?

My full name is Raj Masud Forhad. Also, I am called Raj Forhad.

It is my great honour and pleasure to stand as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Reform UK at Ilford South, Redbridge constituency at the next General Election, 2024.

I am an honest, ordinary person. As a legal migrant, I had to fight over the years to settle down my own footprint in the UK.

It had been a tough, roller coaster journey. I had to earn, spend money throughout the years for every step to look after my family here and back home; settle in the UK and eventually to become a "British Citizen".

A Bangladeshi born British came to the UK with great hope and dream. I spent all my money to complete my MSc at the University of Central Lancashire.

When I left Preston, Lancashire with a £1 Mega bus ticket ride in 2011, I only had £5 in my pocket. Now, I earn more than £150K.

I did not have enough money - but I had a dream, vision, dedication and innovative mindset to do something better for my life and this country. I made the UK my home as this country has given me bountiful opportunities.

I have a small family: my wife and two lovely active boys.

I am a working person, an Enterprise Architect, and have been working for Tier 1 banks in the UK being an employee of the leading IT Consultancy company in the world. I also run a few small businesses.

Throughout my professional career like many of you, I have been working hard day and night. In my early career in the UK when I was on a High Skilled visa, I got many sleepless nights and some nights I was about to have heart attacks!

I have significantly contributed to the UK Digital Sector and eventually, after competing thousands high profiles with many years of working experiences in IT including many PhD holders from the top universities around the world in UK's Exceptional Talent competition, I have been endorsed as an Exceptional Talent by Tech City in 2017 (later called Tech Nation), probably the first and last Bangladeshi Exceptional Talent, and through Tier 1 Exceptional Talent route I became a British citizen.

I stood as a Councillor Candidate from Conservatives party in May, 2022 local election at Redbridge borough. I was the Vice Chairman at Ilford North, Conservatives Association.

I have been working, campaigning, raising donations for many social issues through out my life.

My Social and Political Activities

Before joining to UK politics, I had been in politics from the age of nine in Bangladesh. I campaigned and joined road shows, marches in 1991's General Election for the Bangladesh Nationalist Party-BNP.

Politics is always in my blood. I have the great dream and vision to work for the general people and to be their voice wherever I live.

Why am I standing as an MP Candidate for Ilford South Reform UK?

I am standing as an MP candidate with Reform UK on behalf of Ilford South residents because like many of you I am frustrated, worried, tremendously concern about the current situations in Redbridge as:

• ULEZ introduction is hitting many of you,
• crimes are in high rates,
• residents safety is at critical conditions,
• anti-social behaviours are in rocket-high,
• small businesses are suffering,
• people are struggling with GP and hospital appointments,
• inflation is super high,
• mortgage rates are hitting the hard working people,
• green spaces in Redbridge are vanishing month by month,
• parents are not getting proper support and education for their children,
• roads are dirty, full of potholes,
• young generations are not getting the right jobs nor getting paid enough with their gained degree or experiences,
• and many other local issues
I strongly believe Ilford South residents deserve a modern, beautiful and lawful constituency with all basic necessities as provided by the council and Government.
I will address all the above issues as URGENT basis with a strong team. I will also seek your support, contributions to solve your issues.

I will be YOUR VOICE, FIGHT ON BEHALF OF YOU at Westminster. So, I strongly believe we are at a pivotal point in British history.

The Britain I used to know has broken - broken in many sectors by both Conservatives and Labour parties.
Current politics by Labour, LibDem, Conservatives are not fit for the people and the country.

The immense challenges are ahead and except Reform UK, no other party has any Common Sense solutions to "Make Britain Great"!

I want to help reshape and reform the UK and get it back on track. I will ensure your voices are being heard at Westminster. I will be working day and night with your issues.

You will always get an appropriate answer or next steps on your issues over email or call within an hour.

At present time, no other party has any common sense solution to make this GREAT country - "GREAT AGAIN"!

That's why I left Conservative party. Did not join Labour or Lib Dem. I joined with Reform UK to Reform and Make Britain Great.

Ilford South Constituency Map

Ilford South Constituency Map

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Electorate: 74065


1 Chadwell

2 Clementswood

3 Goodmayes

4 Ilford Town

5 Loxford

6 Mayfield

7 Newbury

8 Seven Kings

9 Chadwell Heath

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