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I am most pleased to be the Reform UK prospective Parliamentary candidate for Hyndburn. I’ve watched as the Tories broke Britain. I could not sit back and see Labour bankrupt this England without standing up and fighting back.

We’ve common-sense policies that will reward work and let the entrepreneurial skill of this country become free from the over regulated shackles of Tory Britain and equally free from Labour’s never, neverland.

I’ve lived in the constituency for more than 30 years. I am a bachelor and am currently between jobs. I did belong to the Tory Party, back when it stood for Conservative values. I stood in Local Elections 1990-1992 and for Lancashire County Council in 1993.

I stood for the Referendum Party in 1997. I had my election address delivered by the Post Office. Something they did not have to do. I realise that I never thanked the Post Office. I offer my belated heartfelt thanks. It was most kind of them.

I left the Tories in 1998, when I was finally certain that the Party would never change its pro-EU policies. The betrayal by the Tories of Brexit since 2016 shows how right I was. We have ended up with Brexit in Name Only.

I became a member of The Brexit Party and then its successor, Reform Party UK, more commonly known as Reform UK. I have stood for election in three different wards in the Borough of Hyndburn local elections.

You will not get change or reform from the Tories or Labour. The Tories have broken Britain and allowed uncontrolled mass migration, contrary to all their election time promises. Labour would bankrupt Britain. I firmly believe that neither can be trusted with our country.

If you really want change, if you want real change, vote Reform UK.

Hyndburn Constituency Map

Hyndburn Constituency Map

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Electorate: 71145


1 Altham

2 Barnfield

3 Baxenden

4 Central

5 Church

6 Clayton-le-Moors

7 Huncoat

8 Immanuel

9 Milnshaw

10 Netherton

11 Overton

12 Peel

13 Rishton

14 St Andrew's

15 St Oswald's

16 Spring Hill

17 Greenfield

18 Worsley

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