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I’ve lived in Huntingdonshire for 34 years. After many years raising my family I am retraining to become an accountant. 

Joining the Leave campaign for Huntingdonshire gave me the bug for local politics and since then I have stood for Huntingdonshire District Council twice.

I enjoy running and think ParkRun is an amazing social invention and an example of what voluntarism can achieve.

I am currently experiencing first-hand the best and the worst of NHS acute care and getting a crash course in the experience of patients and patients’ families and carers because I have a close family member enjoying a long stay in Hinchingbrooke Hospital after suffering a life-altering brain injury. 

In the war on the motorist, I’m firmly on the side of the motorist. Which, in practice means being on the side of 90% of the public and business.

There’s a tension in Huntingdonshire towns between the pro-car public and local businesses and the anti-car councils. Local government keeps finding new ways to prevent people from using their cars to go shopping, go to work, visit the doctor and so on. Whereas local businesses know that more parking is good for business and for attracting employees. 

The council’s neglect of B roads and the resulting epidemic of craters and potholes, makes life difficult and hazardous for anyone living or working in villages. It has also contributed to rocketing car insurance and overstretched road-side assistance services. Yet those same councils always have enough money for installing traffic calming chicanes, humps and unnecessary 20mph zones.

I would like to see lower car parking charges and free parking and more of it in our towns, and to see the state of our roads prioritised.

I also think reductions in business rates and a bonfire of regulation would enable local business and the local economy to thrive.

My tenets

  • Free speech – all opinions should be allowed to compete in the marketplace of ideas. There should be no such thing as ‘hate speech’ or censorship in a free democracy.
  • Cheap, reliable energy is important to the cost of living, jobs and a thriving economy and should not be sacrificed to Net Zero or any Climate Change goals.
  • The government is too big, too costly and too powerful. Lower taxes, less regulation, and restoration of choice and autonomy to the individual are urgently required.

Huntingdon Constituency Map

Huntingdon Constituency map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 75590


1 Alconbury

2 Brampton

3 Buckden

4 Godmanchester & Hemingford Abbots

5 Great Staughton

6 Hemingford Grey & Houghton

7 Holywell-cum-Needingworth

8 Huntingdon East

9 Huntingdon North

10 Kimbolton

11 St Ives East

12 St Ives South

13 St Ives West

14 Sawtry

15 Somersham

16 The Stukeleys

17 Warboys

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