Hormone treatment for children does more harm than good

For years, doctors warned that hormone treatment on children was a dangerous experiment. Now, new analysis of data from 2011 has proven them right. The re-analysed data shows that the majority of the children saw their mental health decline.

Belinda de Lucy said:

“This is a scandal. Children were told that hormone treatment was safe. They have been lied to. Children as young as 12 were pushed into hormone treatment by so-called medical professionals who behaved more like extremist political activists.”

“That is why 1,000 families are taking the Tavistock gender clinic to court. Teenagers have had their bodies mutilated and mental health destroyed in the name of the gender extremist agenda. This is just the tip of the iceberg.”

“The new analysis looks at the hormone Triptorelin. Officially this is a cancer drug. Cancer patients are told about the side effects. These include anxiety, mood swings and bone pain”

“Yet children, unable to give informed consent, are not told. This is an appalling breach of medical ethics”

“Even worse, evidence shows that many of these children are victims of abuse and already have mental health issues. Yet instead of getting the love and support they need, they are told they are in the wrong body and given toxic drugs that can cause depression and terrible physical pain.”

“This is child abuse. The risks have been known all along. Yet the evidence was canceled and whistleblowers were bullied into silence. Those responsible must be brought to account.”

“Reform UK will insist on informed consent. We will stop hormone treatment under the age of 16. We will ban such ideological indoctrination in schools. We will launch an enquiry into the conduct of those responsible. Only Reform UK will protect children and childhood.”

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