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I have been an industrial electrical engineering most of my life on a very ordinary wage, I grew up in West Sussex, had a couple of years in Southwest France, then as a family we made the decision to move to Devon in 2017 and are very well settled on the edge of Exmoor

I have been a conservative voter all by life but no longer, having watched our current political class make an absolute mess of the country I decided to step up and be counted and try to make a difference.

I believe in a small state allowing the people to decide how to spend their own money, reducing wasted state spending, I stand for traditional family values and am very patriotic and support the Royal family. I hold Christian values but am not religious myself.

Support small business to compete on a level playing field and the Farming community to farm and produce food for us.

Housing should go to local people first, along with this supporting the community, with initiatives to help the elderly and vulnerable.

I believe in the NHS, though I think that some reforms are needed, I stand for controlling our boarders, I am not against immigration but believe we should choose who comes to our great nation. Policing and law and order are also important to me.

The environment is very important to me and have been involved with clean energy in my working career, however I do not support net zero at all cost, solutions have to be practical and affordable.

This is a brief outline of myself and where my politics lie.

Honiton and Sidmouth Constituency Map

Honiton and Sidmouth Constituency Map

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Electorate: 74365


1 Axminster

2 Beer & Branscombe

3 Coly Valley

4 Dunkeswell & Otterhead

5 Sidmouth Rural

6 Feniton

7 Honiton St Michael's

8 Honiton St Paul's

9 Newbridges

10 Newton Poppleford & Harpford

11 Ottery St Mary

12 Seaton

13 Sidmouth Sidford

14 Sidmouth Town

15 Tale Vale

16 Trinity

17 West Hill & Aylesbeare

18 Yarty

19 Bradninch

20 Cullompton Padbrook

21 Cullompton St Andrews

22 Cullompton Vale

23 Halberton

24 Lower Culm


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