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I was born in North London.  I live with my wife in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire.

I trained as a Chemist (London University) and now run a small business selling Pharmaceutical testing equipment.

My mother was English and had survived the War, unlike a large proportion of her family.  She was a dress designer and worked in a studio for Susan Small.  My uncles (her brothers) were both instrument makers; one made artificial horizons for the RAF and the other sextants for the Royal Navy; both died in the Blitz.

My father was Polish and was in a Siberian Gulag until 1941 when he was allowed to “walk” from there to Jerusalem.  He joined up, under age as he had been in Officer’s Cadet School in Poland.  He saw service, first in the army (Carpathian Lancers) and then (by virtue of his contacts) in the RAF.  His maths was fairly sharp and so he was a navigator in 301 Bomber Squadron.  The Polish divisions of the RAF (of which there were 14) called England the “island of last hope”.  Many Polish airmen were allowed to stay in England after the war (in no small part thanks to their English colleagues) as the fate of many soldiers returning to Poland was to be shot by the Russians.  This was the fate of both my great Grandfather and his brother who were shot by Bolsheviks in 1919 and 1917.

My father’s family were very privileged in pre-war Poland but with this came a sense of duty and responsibility which meant looking after those who worked for them.  This sense of duty and honourable behaviour was engrained into me from an early age. 

I am involved in local politics and have served as Mayor of our town of Sawbridgeworth.   In this time, my chosen charity was the RAF ATC Squadron: No.: 309.  I chose them, not only because the Squadron was a Polish war time fighter reconnaissance unit, but also because of the life training given to young people by a very inspirational leadership.

Until recently I was a trustee of a local Day Centre and spent as much time as I could in looking after the running of the centre by raising funds and looking for sponsorship.  The centre was critical for a lot of our elderly citizens who had no other conduit to meet other people or even have hot meals during the week.

I have also been invited of late to join a Guild in the City of London.  This was a real privilege and an honour.  However grand this may seem, the main work of the Guild is to preserve certain heritage aspects in the City of London and to maintain a poor fund to help those in need.  It also sponsors training for young people to become rounded citizens and learn a skill.  Helping with soup kitchens and providing sustenance for those in need is also a fulfilling duty.

Both my wife and I also support the Battle of Britain Memorial Fund in Capel-le-Ferne and make annual contributions to support this very important Charity as it is important to remember those who gave their lives so that we can live in freedom.  I lay a wreath every year in July on behalf of the PAFF (Polish Airforce Family and Friends Charity) of which I am also a trustee.

Duty and Honour are two very key words in my life.

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2 Bishop's Stortford Central

3 Bishop's Stortford North

4 Bishop's Stortford Parsonage

5 Bishop's Stortford South

6 Bishop's Stortford Thorley Manor

7 Hertford Bengeo

8 Hertford Castle

9 Hertford Kingsmead

10 Hertford Sele

11 Hunsdon

12 Much Hadham

13 Sawbridgeworth

14 Ware Priory

15 Ware Rural

16 Ware St Mary's

17 Ware Trinity

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