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Life is about Mistakes, Challenges and Achievements. It is within these moments that we really get to see our true selves. As a single mum for the majority of my life, I can definitely say that I have had my fair share of these moments. I appreciate the diversity of life and the many obstacles that have been thrown my way and the many doors that have opened and closed.

It is by making mistakes, that I have learned I can get through anything and that I can always try again. It is by dealing with so many challenges, that I have learned how courageous and resilient I am. It is by recognising my achievements, that makes me desire to be the best I can be and to always push for what I want.

In today's Britain it has become harder and harder to plan for the future, to reach for our dreams and to live life in a way that is progressive and fruitful. The majority of us, are in survival mode and we are living to try and survive instead of having much quality to life and this is seemingly getting worse and worse. As a mother, I want my children to feel like they can push for a dream and enjoy a holiday or two and not have to worry about whether the cost-of-living crisis is going to affect us even more each year.

We live in a first world country and yet we can't enjoy a suitable standard of life because we struggle to keep warm, fill our cupboards, get NHS appointments and find suitable housing.

The two most important things we have in life are Freedom and Security and it is my honour to fight for these. Without our freedom of speech and freedom of choice, we are just numbers. We have no purpose if we can't express ourselves and if we all have to think the same way. Without security, anything can happen at any moment and I think it is shocking that more people do not care about this.

I wanted to be a Lawyer, a mother and an actress and the older I got, the more I realised that life was not what I thought. Sitting in school and being told what to read, what to write about, what to think and to choose what I wanted to be when I grew up, seemed more and more like a waste of time as I left school and entered the real world. Nothing really prepares you for life’s many decisions and challenges. The responsibilities of becoming an adult and becoming a parent are not really what school teaches you.

As the years go by, I realise more and more how important it is to focus on who is trying to make the bigger decisions about my life. No matter what doors I go through, what mistakes I make or what I achieve, it can only take me so far. It is the decisions that those in power make, that effect my life greatly and this is something that I want to make people aware of.

We all deserve a better way of living; our children and grandchildren deserve a brighter and more secure future and our ancestors certainly didn't serve in the wars to watch us lose our freedoms and struggle for a life worth living for.

So, if like me, you see the bigger picture and you have had enough of struggling and fearing for the future, then help me make a difference. A vote for me is a vote for something different, is a vote for change and courage. Voting for me helps me to restore some safety and hope to many people. I will always stand up for what I think is right and I will always make sure our voices are heard.

Herne Bay and Sandwich Constituency Map

Herne Bay and Sandwich Constituency Map

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