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I'm 53 years old, a father of four, and a husband of one. My first thirty years were spent in Manchester, three years in Cambridgeshire, ten years in Bradford, and now a decade in Oxfordshire. My early working years were spent as a statistical analyst for an insurance company before pursuing a vocation in youth and children's work in the voluntary sector. Currently, I work for Sainsbury's while establishing my own transport business.

I'm a Northerner by temperament, a Christian by conviction, and an activist by nature. This is why I can't simply stand by and watch the establishment decimate our great nation and squander our heritage. Reform offers the best opportunity to stop the rot.

Here's a postcard summary of my politics: I'm a freedom fighter, proud patriot, free market fundamentalist, social conservative, Christian chauvinist, political populist, climate realist, cultural traditionalist, and eternal optimist. In essence, I'm what used to be called a conservative.

I have campaigned for Brexit, resisted the Covid tyranny, and championed free speech. Diversity is not a strength— unity is. A common culture creates social cohesion; multiculturalism erodes it. The real climate crisis is the climate of hysteria. Strong families are the bedrock of a society: marriage is sacred, children are a blessing. A secure future depends on promoting motherhood, not mass immigration. The state should work for you, and far fewer people should work for the state.

But don't let me —or anyone else— hoodwink you with soundbites. Our nation's accelerating decline needs far more than political intervention. We need divine intervention. I believe our nation needs prayer as well as policy, and to acknowledge Jesus Christ as the source and foundation of our culture & civilisation.

Don't let the Conservatives con you any longer, or blackmail you with threats of Starmer, or beg you to forgive their infidelity with promises of "this time I really will be faithful". The odds might be against us, but if Reform can win anywhere, we can win in Henley & Thame. I'd appreciate your vote. And if you can spare any time or money to help campaign, that would be very welcome too.

Henley and Thame Constituency Map

Henley and Thame Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 70626


1 Benson & Crowmarsh

2 Berinsfield

3 Chalgrove

4 Chinnor

5 Garsington & Horspath

6 Goring

7 Thame

8 Watlington

9 Forest Hill & Holton

10 Haseley Brook

11 Kidmore End & Whitchurch

12 Wheatley

13 Sonning Common

14 Henley-on-Thames

15 Woodcote & Rotherfield

16 Fringford & Heyfords

17 Launton & Otmoor

18 Sandford & the Wittenhams

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