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I have been associated with Harrow all of my life, living, schooling and working there. My mother was born in West Harrow and my father in South Harrow, they were married on the hill, a long time ago.

I am frustrated with politics and the lack of straight talking and endless electioneering.

Previous governments have been writing cheques this economy can no longer afford to cash, addressing these macro problems is considered political suicide, but it is what needs to happen. We have high taxes and high debt, an ageing population and a falling birth rate. Mr and Mrs PAYE have been regularly and stealthily plundered for taxes to pay benefits and pensions and this balance needs to be re-addressed.

My stance is all about the economy and increasing the median take home pay. Our Taxation and Benefits systems are overly complicated and create road-blocks to personal progression. National Insurance is a perverse tax that is easily avoided by the rich, it should be rolled up into the Income Tax rates.

Child Benefit is perverse, it was introduced to take money from the earning man and give it directly to the mother. Is that relevant today? I would rather reward married parents with children via a tax allowance.

We should decrease the amount of days you are allowed to spend in this country, if you move abroad for tax purposes from 90 days to 5. We are too soft on these people.

We should raise sales taxes on any company that uses an ultimate holding company based in a tax haven. If they want access to our market, they must pay tax in ours or another sensible economy. That is a country that we trade fairly with and has a sensible rate of corporation tax.

Any immigrant that commits a malicious crime should be deported, regardless of their family status. Asking for asylum should be done online in advance, before entry.

The European Court of Human Rights does write some great law but is also guilty of mission creep and delays of many years. We should leave the ECHR, adopt the good laws and monitor its decisions in the future. Take back control of our borders, reduce immigration both legal and illegal, as our infrastructure cannot cope.

Personal Independence payments should only be made to people with visible and untreatable disabilities. Anxiety and headaches are too easy to use as a way of obtaining an award. We cannot afford these generous benefits anymore, and need to make a work differential to encourage everyone, who can, to work.

These are the really important issues but are considered boring. Partygate and an antisemitic Labour party are important but nowhere near as important as the economy, but that is what the media concentrate upon.

Only Reform UK is prepared to tackle these problems, the other parties are too worried about your vote. Vote for change and the future of our fine country.

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Harrow West Constituency Map

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