Harpenden and Berkhamsted Constituency


Take it from someone who left the Labour Party two years ago, Reform UK is the only party that will stick up for the working people of this country. That’s why I’m proud to be a member of Reform UK, and prouder still be a spokesman for Harpenden & Berkhamsted, where I grew up.

The people of Britain have been betrayed by 25 years of Labour and Conservative rule. That’s 25 years of undermining people’s wages with foreign labour, increasing fuel costs with “green” zealotry, delegating decisions overseas, letting criminals run rampant, letting corruption go unchecked, letting standards fall and never once taking responsibility. Our political class have been robbing us blind and selling off the rest at half-price all while having the audacity to blame you and me for it all!

No more. Reform UK is here to take the power back from those who have abused it and frittered it away.

Things may seem bleak right now, things may get worse, but our history is undeniable, and our character remains, in spite of those who would fit us into a globalist straight jacket.

There is so much beauty in this country and, I may be biased when I say this, but Harpenden and Berkhamsted are the most beautiful towns it has to offer. Two twin jewels of Hertfordshire. As spokesman I’ll do everything in my power to make sure their character is preserved. No more building on green belt, no more choking up the streets with traffic, no more suffocating small business in red tape and no more compromising our doctor surgeries and schools with over subscription.

As a local man, with a loving wife and a gorgeous baby boy, I’m staying right where I am. Too many people my age (mid-30’s) are running away from this country, they think there’s nothing for us, they think we’re not wanted. My Dad had to run from Iran, when madness and theocracy took over that beautiful country, and I know one thing from his story, it’s that when all is going to hell, Britain is the last place you can go, to be free, to be safe, to say want you want to say and to be who you want to be. I’m going nowhere, I’m staying right here and I’m fighting for a future my son can be proud of.

Harpenden and Berkhamsted Constituency Map

harpenden and berkhamsted constituency map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 71635


1 Aldbury and Wigginton

2 Ashridge

3 Berkhamsted Castle

4 Berkhamsted East

5 Berkhamsted West

6 Northchurch

7 Tring Central

8 Tring East

9 Tring West and Rural

10 Watling

11 Harpenden East

12 Harpenden North & Rural

13 Harpenden South

14 Harpenden West

15 Marshalswick East & Jersey Farm

16 Marshalswick West

17 Redbourn

18 Sandridge & Wheathampstead

19 St Stephen

20 Verulam

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