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Candidate - Catherine Becker

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I was born in Hampstead and have lived in West Hampstead and Hampstead all my adult life.

I am not a career politician, rather have worked in and built up businesses and believe in policies to fix the country, rather than politics itself.

I have seen the deterioration of our area over decades of Labour local leadership and believe there are real solutions to these problems if run by a party that would treat our finances and investments like a business not waste funds including:

  • Sorting out our woeful crime record – we are now the third most crime-ridden area in London which is shocking – we would get more funding to front line police and have solutions to stop crime at source and make our streets safer.
  • Improve and invest in local amenities – neither labour nor conservatives have committed to more investment in schools, GP clinics, local transport or a functioning road infrastructure. We also want to support car drivers more as well as cyclists and pedestrians and make our safer streets more workable so that elderly relatives can be visited and deliveries made.
  • We are all for extra affordable housing and support that, but we believe that should be in tandem with an increase in amenities – the O2 centre was pushed through by Labour without any funding commitment or consideration of the increased pressure on roads, tubes, GPs, shops and schools.
  • Bringing down national and local taxation so more attractive to work and then spending that more responsibly – tendering out all contracts (rather than chumocracy) so we get the best value. And supporting businesses and local shops with fairer, lower taxes and better employment laws now we our out of the EU.
  • Spending your hard earn council tax and national taxes on hospitals and schools and rewarding you if you go private

With a background in marketing, I believe your local MP should represent you and we are the only party that will listen to your views and concerns about what needs reform and build that into our policies.  That is because we have a DRAFT contract with you and I will be coming round the area in the next few months to see what your key concerns are and represent those to a party that will listen rather than whip MPs into conformity.

I have actively campaigned for many local causes as the representative on the local neighbourhood committee as well as at national level for improvements in diversity and inclusion, improved amenities and solutions for crime.

We only get the opportunity to exercise our democratic right every five years (give or take!) at national level – where most of the expenditure and power sits – and we have a real choice this time.  Either the institutionalised corruption of the conservative and labour juggernauts, or the sensible, sound solutions offered by a thoroughly thought through and costed Reform party to finally fix and invest in Hampstead, West Hampstead and Highgate, and the country, in 2024.

There are 77,783 people in the Hampstead and Highgate constituency and would love to get every one of your votes – whether you have historically voted labour who have nearly bankrupted our beautiful area (and would do the same at national level), or conservatives who have broken Britain overall.

If you would like to get actively involved, or just let me know your concerns that need reforming, please contact me by email at [email protected]

Many thanks

Catherine x

Hampstead & Highgate Constituency Map

Hampstead & Highgate Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 74222


1 Highgate

2 Belsize

3 Fortune Green

4 Frognal

5 Gospel Oak

6 Hampstead Town

7 Highgate

8 Kilburn

9 Primrose Hill

10 South Hampstead

11 West Hampstead

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