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I am Caroline Gladwin and I am a lawyer and I am delighted to be standing as the Reform Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for the new constituency of Hamble Valley.  There can be nobody who does not despair about the current political situation, the wasted opportunities, and the broken promises from the same old parties, who will just carry on doing the same old things if we let them let us down time and time again and just continue to bring this country and us all to our knees. 

Now it is time to get off our knees and demand reform and demand change for the benefit of the people, not the agenda that the old parties and politicians want and the only party that can offer this is the new Reform Party.

As a previous member of the Conservative Party, I felt betrayed and resigned in 2019 out of frustration over Brexit and many other things. Those representing us in Parliament did not even represent the grass root Conservatives let alone the Public and the situation has got even worse since then with the parties now blended into a Parliamentary mono-party. 

It was my honour to be selected as a Parliamentary Candidate for the Brexit Party in 2019 and we stood aside for Boris Johnson’s Conservatives upon the promise of a real Brexit but as it turned out we were just let down by them yet again.  I was ready then and I am ready now to be an MP who will not only put my Constituents first but will put my Country first and will strive for the improvements in everyone’s lives that we deserve and only the Reform Party can make a reality.

The Reform Party will ensure that everyone is financially better off and not just the rich. The Reform Party will give us cheaper energy and crucially energy stability without threats of power cuts.  The Reform Party will reform the NHS and make long waiting lists a thing of the past.  The Reform Party has new and wonderful solutions to the rest of the many problems that we are facing.

The Reform Party is our bright future and I am now calling on the politically homeless and everyone who has been let down by the old parties with their same tired old empty and broken promises to now join me in the bright and better future that only the Reform Party can give us.

Now is the time for reform and change and you owe it to yourself and for our future generations to choose me and the Reform Party at this Election.

Hamble Valley Constituency Map

Hamble Valley Constituency Map

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