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Jonathan was born in Moseley Birmingham and has worked in Halesowen as a Sales Manager for electronic security systems manufacturers, travelling extensively in Britain, Europe, and America, for multinational and British companies. He is married and has two grownup children. Sailing, fly-fishing and birdwatching occupy his spare time, outside of election periods.

Jonathan has been involved in almost every British election since 1979, commencing as a candidate for the Referendum Party Ltd, in 1997, in Edgbaston, because he believed that we were entitled to have a vote before joining the Euro. It became clear to him that the standard political parties were trying to undermine British people’s own sovereignty without their knowledge or consent. Jonathan stood in the West Bromwich West by-election for the fledgling UKIP party as “ground zero”, in doing so creating a mark in the sand for UKIP as a political party, fighting in every election. There followed three European Parliament elections, local elections, and in 2009 and 2015, he stood in the North Herefordshire seat for parliament in the UK, taking second place.

So now Jonathan is “back in the fray” for Reform UK, aiming to make the lives of Halesowen people more fruitful, in a greener environment with greater protection for Green spaces, with more money in their pockets , VAT down to 18%, no income tax for the first £20,000 of earnings, and easy access to the NHS, living in a country where we do not fear to walk, and aiming to play a part in a government that actually serves the British people, rather than simply draining the life out of taxpayers.

Jonathan wants to regain freedom of choice over cars and car travel, by destroying ULEZ schemes, opposes National Service for school leavers, supports legal migration with visas, and believes that we can and should end all illegal migration on day one of the next government. He is fed up with British voters being taken for fools by successive governments, and “uniparty politics”, where only the leader changes and the policies all remain the same.  Enough of that! Westminster needs purging. Reform UK will clean it out.

If you agree with our direction and principles, please empower me, and Reform UK with YOUR VOTE.

Halesowen Constituency Map

Halesowen Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 69907


1 Belle Vale

2 Cradley and Wollescote

3 Halesowen North

4 Halesowen South

5 Hayley Green and Cradley South

6 Quarry Bank and Dudley Wood

7 Blackheath

8 Cradley Heath and Old Hill

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