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I believe in what were previously Conservative policies, before the Tory Party moved to the left.

I have believed in Europe as separate countries with their own sovereign elected Parliaments for many years, including living part-time in Greece; but I do not agree with a United States of Europe controlled from a central body. I therefore stood as The Brexit Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for South West Surrey in the 2019 General Election, before being withdrawn to avoid splitting the Conservative vote and potentially triggering a Liberal Democrat / Labour / SNP alliance which would have reversed the Referendum result to leave the EU.

I am standing in Guildford (rather than SWS) at the next election as I have lived and/or worked in the Guildford area for most of my life – and am well aware of some of the local issues we face as well as national policies. My wife passed away last year following a number of stays – some good, some bad, in the Royal Surrey County Hospital.

The fact that potholes seem often to be repaired with weak materials so they need repairing months later is a disgrace. The demise of Guildford High Street is worrying and this trend should be urgently reversed. There are many other issues I know of, and others about which I’d like to be advised.

I previously founded a company of which I owned 50%, and grew this from two partners and a secretary into a multi-million pound company – so I have a great deal of belief in a low tax environment to encourage growth (actually generating more tax to be spend on those needing more help) , creating more employment opportunities and providing realistic training environments where everyone “can be the best they can be”.

I am a firm believer in democracy, and that all our votes should count, in some way, irrespective of current and predicted constituency “majorities”;  and I have examined sever different versions of Proportional Representation with which I agree.

I’m an ex-pilot, have flown a spitfire, an ex-karateka, and am currently trying to rekindle tennis and am “always up for a challenge” be it sporting or political.

Guildford Constituency Map

Guildford Constituency Map

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