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I believe in what were previously Conservative policies, before the Tory Party moved to the left. The Tories are no longer conservatives.

I have believed in Europe as separate countries with their own sovereign elected Parliaments for many years, including living part-time in Greece; but I do not agree with a United States of Europe controlled from a central body. I therefore stood as The Brexit Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for South West Surrey in the 2019 General Election, before being withdrawn to avoid splitting the Conservative vote and potentially triggering a Liberal Democrat / Labour / SNP alliance which would have reversed the Referendum result to leave the EU.

I am standing in Guildford (rather than SWS) at the next election as I have lived and/or worked in the Guildford area for most of my life – and am well aware of some of the local issues we face as well as national policies. My wife passed away last year following a number of stays – some good, some not so good, in the Royal Surrey County Hospital. The fact that potholes seem often to be repaired with weak materials so they need repairing months later is a disgrace. The demise of Guildford High Street is worrying and this trend should be urgently reversed. There are many other issues I know of, and others about which I’d like to be advised.

I previously founded a company of which I owned 50%, and grew this from two partners and a secretary into a multi-million pound company – so I have a great deal of belief in a low tax environment to encourage growth (actually generating more tax to be spent on those needing more help), creating more employment opportunities and providing realistic training environments where everyone “can be the best they can be”.

I am a firm believer in democracy, and that all our votes should count, in some way, irrespective of current and predicted constituency “majorities”;  and I have examined several different versions of Proportional Representation with which I agree.

I’m an ex-pilot, have flown a spitfire, an ex-karateka, and am currently trying to rekindle tennis and am “always up for a challenge” be it sporting or political.


Guildford Constituency Map

Guildford Constituency Map

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Electorate: 71367


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2 St Nicolas

3 Merrow

4 Onslow

5 Pilgrims

6 Shalford

7 Stoke

8 Stoughton

9 Westborough

10 Worplesdon

11 Send and Lovelace 

12 Normandy and Pirbright Ash Vale

13 Ash Wharf

14 Ash South

15 Tillingbourne

16 Effinghham

17 Bellfields & Slyfield

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