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I have lived in Lincolnshire for over 30 years, with some ancestral roots in the local area too.

I initially moved here as part of my job, being posted to various RAF Bases across the county as part of being a Defence Meteorologist. Since then I have very much made Lincolnshire my home.

In recent years, I became active politically during the Brexit campaign, something I feel very passionately about. Since then, seeing the political classes virtually ruin our country through incompetence, it has encouraged me to stand up and try to do something about it.

I have become very interested in preserving Lincolnshire’s rural society, and maintaining our identity as a major agricultural area of the UK.

Our local economy is suffering, this is not good enough and we must protect it.

Every day I see how the agricultural industry has to cope with more and more financial and regulatory pressure.

I also see how we are increasingly being asked /told to sacrifice our precious Agricultural land to Solar and Wind farms, plus the disruptive infrastructure needed to support them.

It is obvious that our local NHS, Dentists and social care services have been struggling to keep up their great work in sustaining our health and well being. The NHS really does need proper attention, not just a quick sprinkling with cash to placate the electorate before an election. We have a plan to deal with this.

Defence, border control and policing are increasingly vital in keeping us safe and preventing crime. We have seen our defence budgets cut, our service recruitment succumb to woke ideology, and front line policing suffer due to similar issues.

Also, as part of the solutions to these issues, I believe that we should be reconfiguring the judicial system to actually deal with criminals, rather than merely finding excuses as to why they should not serve jail sentences.

The towns, villages and farms of our county are unique. We are spread over a large (often rural) geographical area, and therefore we must have suitable provision for law and order. I want to see our area get the investment and actions which will offer us a more comprehensive and less exhausted police force.

I believe that we should be preparing our children for real life; so I also believe that our education system needs to reinforce this aim. I want to see our entire education system concentrate of education, rather than certain so called “Woke” ideology which can harm children.

We already know that school life can be hard for both children and teachers. What better way to de stress school time for all than to remove these ideologies and fads from our schools? This is something which I believe needs to happen as soon as possible.

We have a unique road system in our county. Often remote, poorly maintained, frequently dangerous and definitely full of deep potholes. I want to see exactly what has gone wrong. Where has all the government funding for potholes gone? Why do we not see any improvement?

Following recent flooding events around here, I have taken a special interest in finding out why our drainage system is not functioning as it should.

Again, investment by those responsible seems to be the key, but I am still looking at it in detail.

Why do we need to have so much housing stock built around here, when our drainage system, our water supply and our infrastructure is on the edge of collapse? Many of us don’t even get a bus service!

Here at Reform UK we believe that taxes should be a low as they possibly can be, and that you should not be subsidising Net Zero or so called Green energy projects to the tune of 25% of your energy/fuel bills. We also think that no one should pay any income tax at all on the first £20,000 of their earnings.

We want to reduce car fuel duty to encourage our economy even further.

Give my colleagues and I a majority of the votes at the next General Election, and those are just a few of the things we want to do for you.

I am very keen to represent you the voter. Something which has not happened for decades in this constituency. To do that I will need tour help (and your vote!).

Please do tell me your thoughts. I need you to tell me what you think is needed. I am not here to tell you what I think is best for you. I want to make politics fair, representative and more accessible to voters. Please help me to do all this for the Grantham and Bourne Constituency.

Please help me do all this for you.

If you would like to volunteer for Reform UK or be a fundraiser, please visit our website or contact me directly.

Welcome to a better way for Britain. Reform UK, don’t just hope for it, vote for it!

Grantham and Bourne Constituency Map

Grantham and Bourne Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 72071

Geography: Mainly rural with Grantham and Bourne being the main centres. Relatively low lying, at the lower end of the Lincolnshire Edge.

Lincolnshire is famous for the amount of defence airfields it still has and has had in history.

No RAF airfields lie within this constituency, but RAF Cranwell is very near to the border to the north/northeast. Many local people are employed directly or indirectly by the defence sector. There is a small Army barracks just to the North of Grantham (Prince William of Gloucester barracks).

Agricultural related industries make up a large proportion of the local economy, with retail and office work being most common in Grantham and Bourne.

Many applications for solar/wind farms have been made with the local authority or are Nationally Significant Government Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs).


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