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Please let me introduce Myself. I am Matt Mulliss and I am honoured to be your PPC for the Beautiful Gosport area.

I joined the Reform UK party as their policies and drive for change very much resonate with my own values and views wanting to be part of a country to be proud of again.

I remember as a child people were proud and happy to be British and part of the UK and our great Commonwealth with flags flying in the streets for Queens Jubilees,  anniversaries and the such. Watching on the TV at the commonwealth games and the pride that every single team and onlooker took in the knowledge that they were part of something so much bigger, such a proud and glorious nation and beyond …the envy of the world!!!

I grew up in Hampshire and played on the Solent all my life. I come from a hardworking and honest family with an amazing hard-working mother and father.

I started work life at 16 and got on a YTS (youth training scheme) apprenticeship earning £34.50 a week and worked hard. I am now a marine engineer as well as  marine captain and have been lucky enough to have travelled far and wide around the world and back working on all sorts of marine / sailing projects in different countries dealing with a wide range of different people and cultures.

I also was a senior crewman for volunteer marine search and rescue operations, my last post being the British Virgin Islands ( VISAR ) where I lived for a  few years before being displaced by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. These storms took my business and home and after endeavouring to rebuild for months finally made the decision to return to our beautiful home here in Hampshire. Hurricanes are nothing short of a nuisance and a costly inconvenience luckily none to be found here in Gosport!

I still work as a marine engineer / skipper in the Solent area and around Gosport. The water has been my life. I am also a marine conservationist and marine life enthusiast who has and will continue to fight for the good of our oceans, our treasured Gosport coast lines and beaches.

Over the years it seems I’ve always been fighting for one cause or another from being in 14 major hurricanes, several earthquakes and various other testing and trying events. While being overseas 10 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer which I fought and won only to have it return 6 years ago due to a botched operation in a faraway country.  I beat it again, the consultants say I’m all clear and the type of cancer I had should not return thanks to the help of our much loved and essential NHS who work tirelessly and go above and beyond to look after us sometimes performing nothing less than miracles on a daily basis.

I have fought some tremendous battles and won time and time again. Losing and giving up is not part of my make up and that being said this is also my promise to my Gosport constituents.

I will fight for you with everything I have, I will fight with the strength and valour life has shown me and together we will make our communities thrive and prosper. I will take your fight and make it mine and with your vote together we can make a difference. We can make ourselves proud again. We can make Gosport and Britain great once more. I’m looking forward to meeting and representing you all.

Gosport Constituency Map

Gosport Constituency Map

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Electorate: 73763


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5 Bridgemary

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9 Grange & Alver Valley

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