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I was born in Glasgow where I attended school. Married in Glasgow. Was time-served in the building trade, served for 15 years Royal Marines with four years serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. I helped train the Ukrainian military back in 2000.

I left the military and attended university attaining a Master’s degree in Network Security. I also  have several industrial qualifications. 

3 years of my networking with NATO holding a senior job position.  I have worked in various regions of the world in Enterprise Networking.  My last role in the IT/engineering industry was as Senior Domain Architect.

I also find it rewarding to build model wooden ships of Lord Nelson’s navy.  I have donated these to the Royal Marines and you can see one of my ships in the Erskine Veterans Charity Hospital.  They are also to be found in a few Marine messes and one in Whale Island in Portsmouth harbour at the offices of the Royal Marines Charity.

Why am I standing as the Reform Prospective Parliamentary Candidate For Glasgow East.

I have concerns now about the curriculum being given to children at school, and this need change. I’m very concerned about the present tax being forced upon the Scottish people, and a strong believer in abolishing IR35 for small business.

I would also cut the student loans to NHS Doctors and Nurses for 10 years in order from them to work without the burden of years of student loans, with them giving 10 years to the NHS  in return.

I would give new Doctors and Nurses a zero basic rate of tax for the first 3 years and additional new NHS staff.

I’m also a supporter of veterans getting priority in housing queues not being homeless, and help with further education on leaving. You serve you deserve.

I also believe that politicians are there to serve their people, not the people serving career politicians. This is why I’m standing for Reformuk.

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Electorate: 70,653


1 Southside Central

2 Calton

3 Anderston/City/Yorkhill

4 Shettleston

5 Baillieston

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