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Who is Raj Forhad?

From a very early age, I have always had the great dream and vision to work for the general people and to be their voice wherever I live.

I have been married to Shahana for over 12 years and we have two children.

As a highly skilled legal migrant from Dhaka, Bangladesh, I had gone through a tough, roller coaster journey. I have been respecting the laws and contributing high taxes in the UK.

I spent all of my money to complete my MSc at the University of Central Lancashire. When I left Preston, Lancashire with a £1 Mega bus ticket ride in 2011, I only had £5 in my pocket.

I always have great dedication and an innovative mindset to do something better for my life and the community. I have been been endorsed as an Exceptional Talent by Tech Nation, UK ( ) because of my significant contribution to the UK Digital Sector, after competing thousands high profiles with many years of working experiences in IT including many PhD holders from the top universities around the world in UK's Exceptional Talent competition, probably I am the first and last Bangladeshi Exceptional Talent, and through Tier 1 Exceptional Talent and High Skilled migrant routes I became a British citizen.

Now, I have been working as an Enterprise Architect Consultant for Tier 1 banks in the UK. I also run a few small businesses.

I have been in politics from the age of nine in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and campaigned, joined marches and road shows for the Bangladesh Nationalist Party-BNP.

I stood as a Councillor Candidate at Chadwell ward, Redbridge from the Conservatives party in May, 2022 local election.

My Social and Political Activities

Campaigns against ULEZ

Campaigning on Kids’ Live Matter

and wrote an article

Fund organiser on various social causes

Tech meet-up group "Code Skill Buddy - Learn to Code Get a Tech Job" organiser with 3500+ members and I have been conducting many free workshops and helped many to learn, grow and get tech jobs.

Why am I standing as an GLA Assembly Member Candidate with Reform UK?

The Britain I used to know has broken - broken in many sectors by both Conservatives and Labour parties.

Current politics by Conservatives, Labour, LibDem are not fit for the people and the country. They have run out of ideas, lack the determination to get the UK back on track and work for the working class people.

The immense challenges are ahead and except Reform UK, no other party has any Common Sense solutions to "Make London Great Again"!

I want to reshape and reform London, and get it back on track.

Sadiq Khan as a London Mayor has shown poor leadership for the last two terms. Recently, he has introduced ULEZ and many other anti-residents policies that brought devastating impacts on hard working people, businesses.

I am standing as an GLA - Barnet and Camden London Assembly Constituency candidate with Reform UK on behalf of the residents because like many of you I am frustrated, worried, tremendously concern about the current situations in Barnet and Camden as:

  • ULEZ introduction is hitting many of you,
  • crimes are in high rates,
  • residents safety is at critical conditions,
  • anti-social behaviors are in rocket-high,
  • small businesses are suffering,
  • people are struggling with GP and hospital appointments,
  • green spaces in Barnet and Camden are vanishing month by month,
  • parents are not getting proper support and education for their children,
  • roads are dirty, full of potholes,
  • and many other local issues

I strongly believe Barnet and Camden residents deserve a modern, beautiful and lawful GLA constituency under a strong, visionary Mayor’s leadership. Howard Cox ( ) Reform UK Mayoral candidate and I will work day and night to solve your issues if we are elected by your valuable mandates on the 2nd May, 2024.

My main pledges are to:

  • Scrap ULEZ, ditch LTNs and 20mph zones
  • Cut crimes
  • Build affordable housing
  • Invest more for local businesses
  • Provide better public services applying modern technology (AI) driven solutions to have efficient policing, NHS GP and hospital appointments etc.
  • Invest to build more grammar schools for both boys and girls
  • Upgrade schools from Good to Outstanding
  • Protect green spaces
  • Invest to provide free mobile gyms for young generation and financially insolvent residents
  • Invest to provide free mobile learning hubs for the residents

Being a working class person and working on various community issues for many years, I understand general people and their issues, challenges. I will ensure residents' voices are being heard at London City Hall.

I will be working day and night with your issues. You will always get an appropriate answer on your issues over email or call within an hour.

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