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I am Rizvi Rawoof living in Medway and Reform UK parliamentary candidate for the Gillingham and Rainham constituency for the general election on July 4th.

I have worked as a Practice Manager at three GP practices in Kent and Medway and as an Associate Hospital Manager at a mental health trust in Kent. I have also been a member of the hospital committee of Medway Foundation Trust. I have worked with multinational Companies, in responsible pivotal Managerial capacities in Business and Finance. I have mostly worked in shipping sector, in Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Greece and in the United Kingdom.

At present, I own limited liability company in Kent exporting ophthalmic equipment, instruments and consumables to Africa and Europe.

I have been a member of an international charity for over 35 years. I was elected District Governor of South East.  As District Governor the reality of numbers of homeless in Medway was shocking. This will be a priority.

My experience working in the health sector in UK is that patients wait far too long to be seen by a doctor in the A&E and further long waiting list to get an appointment to see consultants. Adhering to Reform UK contract, I will be working towards zero waiting list.

Our younger generation does need to be able to go to university without the extra burden of repaying high interest on student loans which will be abolished by Reform UK in order to support students to further their education.

Reform UK will lift income tax start point to £20000 per year

Gillingham and Rainham constituency have been neglected for decades and much work needs to be done. There is a need to implement a scheduled program to improve infrastructure and make the constituency the best place to live.

Gillingham and Rainham Constituency Map

Gillingham and Rainham Constituency Map

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Electorate: 73951


1 Gillingham North

2 Gillingham South

3 Hempstead & Wigmore

4 Rainham North

5 Rainham South East

6 Rainham South West

7 Twydal, and Watling

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