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Hello I am Simon Christy a second-generation Farmer from near Southwell in Nottingham shire and just for the record I pronounce the town name Su thal!

My interest in politics and public service was sparked when I campaigned on behalf of Nigel Farage and his party at the Peterborough by election in June 2019, I also acted as a polling station observer at that election. Because of that experience I am a firm believer that postal voting should be phased out as unsafe.

I have strong views on a number of key issues facing the UK and am pleased to agree that the very strong policies of Reform UK I believe are needed now more than at any time in the last 40 years. For too long the two major parties in the UK have taken the British public for fools and worse still, have wasted public money on an industrial scale.

Well, we have had enough, it has to change and change radically and without delay.

In the NHS I would advocate for free University tuition for Nurses and Care workers, from day one. The NHS does not need re-inventing but waiting lists are too long and these waits for treatment have to be shortened to Zero. The public pay hard earned taxes and expect value for money in public services of all types.

Green energy, all new schemes would have to be able to create power, profitably without any government subsidy.

Immigration should be brought back in to the control of the UK government with an emphasis on genuine cases of the most needy. British people have a long history of offering support for the oppressed and would wish to help. Too often over the last 10 years the UK Border force have failed the British public, this situation must be reversed as a priority.

I believe that the role of a member of parliament is very definitely to work to better the lives of the people of Gedling If  I am fortunate enough to become your MP  I would be firmly based in the constituency and I live close by.

If you would like to become involved in the push for Reform please join us , volunteer or VOTE  for us on July 4th.

Gedling Constituency Map

Gedling Constituency Map

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Electorate: 75795


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2 Carlton

3 Carlton Hill

4 Cavendish

5 Woodthorpe

6 Colwick

7 Coppice

8 Daybrook

9 Dumbles

10 Ernehale

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