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I grew up in the village of Oakhill in the Mendips and have spent most of my adult life living and working in this cherished area. Today, I reside here with my partner, Claire, and our two loyal dogs, as we embark on the journey of renovating our first home.

Over the years, my involvement in local politics has been driven by profound frustration with the major parties. Their persistent inability—or unwillingness—to address the critical issues confronting our nation and our communities is a betrayal of public trust. It is not just the grand national challenges that are neglected but also the pressing local issues in our towns and rural areas. These problems demand nothing more than courage and common sense to resolve.

Imagine the potential of our high streets revitalized with strategic investment, invigorating our local economy. Envision our farmers receiving the support they deserve, recognized for their vital contributions, equal to those of our nurses and teachers. These are not lofty dreams but attainable goals, requiring a steadfast commitment to our values and our people.

I seek to be the Member of Parliament for Frome and East Somerset to be a true advocate for the residents of our often-overlooked rural communities. This campaign is about more than just politics; it’s about standing up for those who have been left behind, speaking truth to power, and having the courage to make necessary changes.

Frome boasts a vibrant high street and a strong local identity that we should celebrate, setting an example for others to follow. We have a core community in Midsomer Norton and Radstock, an area with a rich mining and industrial heritage in need of significant investment to rejuvenate and reach its full potential. Between these urban hubs lies a vast rural expanse, making up the best county in the nation. However, its villages and hamlets are often overlooked in Westminster. As the MP for Frome and East Somerset, I intend to change that, ensuring the next government is kept up at night by our relentless push for growth and rural investment in Somerset.

Furthermore, we must tackle rural crime and county lines drug trafficking, which disproportionately affect our younger demographics. This must stop, now.

A vote for me is a vote for a strong, unwavering voice. A voice that will not shy away from ruffling feathers, a voice determined to act decisively and push for the changes essential to steer our country back onto the right path. Together, we can build a future that honours the promise of our past and fulfils the potential of our present.

Frome and East Somerset Constituency Map

Frome and East Somerset Constituency Map

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Electorate: 70177


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