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Prabhdeep Singh: A Journey from Punjab to Parliament

Born in the vibrant landscapes of Punjab, India, Prabhdeep Singh's life has been a testament to service and tenacity. Moving to the UK in 2003, his dedication to public service took a disciplined turn when he joined the British Army in 2007, serving valiantly in the Royal Army Dental Corps for nearly eight years before transitioning to the Reserve Army.

Post-military life saw Prabhdeep channelling his leadership into entrepreneurship, successfully running a Builder Merchant Yard until the pandemic’s upheaval. However, it was the political landscape of the UK that deeply troubled him. Disillusioned with the management by both the Tory and Labour parties, Prabhdeep’s commitment to British Army core values spurred him into action rather than passive disappointment.

In August 2022, Prabhdeep took a bold stand against the rising cost of living and advocated for policies such as the Windfall tax on profit-making giants. His hunger strike outside Reading station, although ignored by the Conservative government, marked the beginning of his public activism, catching the attention of national media.

His efforts to engage the government through written appeals were met with silence, intensifying his resolve to challenge the status quo. The introduction of the ULEZ policy by the Labour Mayor of London was a turning point. Despite widespread opposition and legal battles, the policy went ahead, signaling to Prabhdeep that systemic change was necessary.

This realization catalyzed the next phase of his activism. In August 2023, he launched a week-long hunger strike at Uxbridge station against the ULEZ expansion, drawing international media coverage and public support. This escalated into a mass hunger strike outside the Mayor’s residence, proving his influence and leadership.

Recognizing the limitations of street-level protests, Prabhdeep decided that the battle needed to move to Parliament. Joining forces with the like-minded Reform UK party, he is now poised to bring his fight for justice and democratic integrity to the very heart of British politics as the prospective parliamentary candidate for Feltham and Heston.

Prabhdeep Singh’s journey from the fields of Punjab to the forefront of political reform in the UK embodies a fierce commitment to advocating for the working class and transforming the political landscape through integrity, policy, and persistence.

Feltham and Heston Constituency Map

Feltham and Heston Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 75226


1 Bedfont

2 Cranford

3 Feltham North

4 Feltham West

5 Hanworth Park

6 Hanworth Village

7 Heston Central

8 Heston West

9 Hounslow West

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