In recent months, both at meetings and on my Sunday shows on Talk TV, you may have heard me talk about the worrying issue of excess death numbers compared to the 5 year average in the UK.

Over 100 more people are dying per day than normal; this is in the context of some 1,650 people who sadly pass away every day across the year. This is clearly due to a range of factors.

To determine what those factors are, I have been calling for a proper, independent analysis of these deaths so that we can understand what urgent steps we may take to mitigate this.

I have been consistently clear that within this analysis, we need to urgently look at any impact that Covid vaccine side effects may be having. Indeed, I discussed that very thing just two weeks ago with a world leading oncologist on my show, who is concerned about the impact of the booster on certain cancers, based on what he is seeing with some of his patients.

We have to look at the data across all these areas for the unintended consequences.

The majority of well qualified medics and scientists are robust in their view that the vaccines are safe and effective, but there is a growing group of eminent and well qualified experts who are very concerned about some of the emerging data. Be in no doubt that I share their concerns.

Like most of us, I am not an expert in this area, but we must have the courage to look independently at the data and then take difficult decisions if needs be.

The British people are made of tough stuff and for as long as I’m the Leader of Reform UK, our default position will always be to protect their right to choose. Our role in this as a political party is to fight to give as much independent, unfiltered information as possible; to do everything we can to facilitate an informed choice.

In my view this is the credible approach.