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Hello. My name is Stephen Bird and I am representing the Reform UK Party for Enfield North. Reform UK has a strong focus on fielding local candidates who know, understand and are committed to their local area; I am no exception. I was born, grew up and went to school in Enfield. I have always thought Enfield is a fantastic place to live, and we need the right policies to enable it to thrive.  

My motivation for seeking to be your MP is to fight North Enfield's corner at a time when everything seems to be disintegrating at speed. The main parties have run out of ideas and lack the resolve to get the UK and Enfield North back on track. The Conservatives have shown they are unable to run the country, and Labour have shown they are unable to run our council. We find ourselves at a critical juncture when new visionary action is called for rather than continual decline management.

Reform UK has a range of national policies to appeal to all walks of life:

  • We believe raising the tax-free income limit from £12,570 to £20,000 is long overdue to help hardworking residents with the cost-of-living squeeze;
  • We believe we need to nurture the next generation by teaching them how to think rather than what to think, and ensure parents are always fully informed of what their children are learning;
  • We believe we need to do more to protect small businesses against retail crime and to create a flourishing local SME ecosystem to provide worthwhile opportunities for the current and next generations;
  • We believe we need to scrap interest on student loans and to encourage our young people to gain the technical skills and scholarly knowhow to put our country at the forefront of national and global progress;
  • We believe in free speech, and we need to protect civil liberties and freedom of expression.

These are just a sample of the ideas and aspirations that I, with Reform UK, will deliver for Enfield North and the UK. Please do take a moment to familiarise yourself with the Party and our policies, and lookout for our campaign teams around the constituency.

Reform UK has a range of local policies for everyone in Enfield, including:

  • Housing: Reform UK has a policy of no new building on our Green Belt in Enfield, so Reform UK would stop this from Day 1. There are many brownfield sites available, and as TFL is one of the biggest landowners in London, a Reform UK administration would use this TFL land which would include tripling the affordable housing builds.
  • Policing: Reform UK will increase visible policing levels. We will instal police public access points in busy retail areas, to reduce anti-social behaviour and retail crime, and make our streets safer. We will reduce police paperwork, which will allow more bobbies on the beat.
  • Transport: Reform UK will make sure we have an integrated bus, tube and train system. We will make sure all tube and train stations are on a bus route and align with bus timetables. We will Get London Moving!
  • Jobs: Reform UK will create a favourable environment for small and medium size businesses to set up and thrive in Enfield, to create jobs for the residents of Enfield.

I am determined that together we can create the right environment for Enfield North to be the best it can be. If you feel none of the traditional political parties really thinks the way you do, or if you feel your politics hasn’t changed but the political parties have abandoned you, or if you just feel politically homeless, then click on the ‘Become a Member’ button below to become part a group of like-minded people in Enfield.

Remember: If you want reform then you have to vote for Reform!


Enfield North Constituency Map

Enfield North Constituency Map

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Electorate: 76824


1 Brimsdown

2 Bullsmoor

3 Carterhatch

4 Enfield Lock

5 Ponders End

6 Ridgeway

7 Southbury

8 Enfield Town

9 Whitewebbs




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