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Mark G Simpson: A Voice for Reform in London and Eltham & Chislehurst

Mark passionately advocates for a fundamental shift in thinking to prioritize the challenges facing ordinary people and the need for effective, common-sense policies in London and the country as a whole. To realize this vision, he is running as a candidate for both the London Assembly and the Eltham & Chislehurst parliamentary seat on behalf of Reform UK.

Diverging from the typical career politician, Mark's journey began with securing a management role at a major UK retailer after graduation. Subsequently, he spent seven years in East Asia, establishing a successful trading business. This experience offered him a firsthand perspective on the vast opportunities that an independent Britain could seize, leading him to identify withdrawal from the EU as essential. Mark's steadfast belief in Brexit continues to shape many of his political convictions.

Upon his return, Mark chose to settle in The Royal Borough of Greenwich in London. Disturbed by the national failures of The Conservative Party and the local shortcomings of the Labour Party, he felt compelled to do more than just complain from the sidelines. This commitment led him to contest elections for Reform UK in the 2021 London Assembly Elections and the 2022 local council elections in Greenwich. Despite not winning, Mark maintained an optimistic outlook, stating, 'I may not have won, but we are building an entirely new party that will succeed in time. Yesterday, more than 4,000 people came out to vote for me, and I'll take that as a start!'

Mark's political beliefs, shaped by his real-world experience and countless conversations with voters on the doorstep, centre around the vision of a strong, respected &independent United Kingdom. He emphasizes prioritizing 'traditional' values that resonate with the majority over trendy, metropolitan ones.

At the national level, Mark advocates for lifting the poorest out of paying tax by raising the income tax threshold to £20,000, providing an extra £30 per week to the poorest in society. He also calls for Net Zero immigration, arguing that adding a city close to the size of Birmingham to the population each year is unsustainable. Drawing from his observations on the streets of London, Mark believes that part of the solution to divided communities and a lack of assimilation lies in a one-in, one-out approach.

In his campaign, Mark Simpson invites you to join him in shaping a future where Reform UK's values guide the nation toward prosperity and a renewed sense of pride in its identity. 

It's time for Reform UK; it's time to save Britain.

Eltham and Chislehurst Constituency Map

Eltham and Chislehurst Constituency Map

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Electorate: 73627


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2 Mottingham

3 Blackheath Westcombe

4 Charlton Hornfair

5 Eltham Page

6 Eltham Park and Progress

7 Eltham Town and Avery Hill

8 Kidbrooke Park

9 Kidbrooke Village and Sutcliffe

10 Middle Park and Horn Park

11 Mottingham, Coldharbour and New Eltham 

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