ECJ oversteps its moral mark with new fine on the UK

A new judgment at the European Court fining the UK £32m for a transgression of EU rules committed after the UK voted to leave the bloc shows that despite this government’s protestation the UK is not yet free of the superstate. 

The fine is about the sale of maritime fuel in a way not compatible with EU rules. The European Court has decided that though the transgression took place in Northern Ireland, where its rules still apply, the fine should be applied to the entire UK economy.

Ben Habib Reform UK’s Northern Ireland spokesman said “Where do I start? Three years after leaving the EU, the entire United Kingdom is still subject to EU law and European Court rulings. And, as is evident, the gravy train payments demanded by Brussels continue. 

“Didn’t someone promise we would take back control of our laws and our cash?

“People like me have warned for years the Withdrawal and Trade & Cooperation Agreements were a sell out, and this is the proof”

The biggest sellout, of course, is of Northern Ireland, which remains under the EU’s jackboot.”

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