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Candidate - Clare Fawcett 

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I’m standing with Reform UK for election to Eastleigh Borough Council and as your Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the General Election this year because I’m proud to call Eastleigh my home, having lived in the borough for 13 years and the town centre for three years.

As a taxpayer, I have become increasingly disappointed and frustrated in the level of public services provided by the Council and its stakeholders.

Once elected, I will work tirelessly to slash the unnecessary bureaucracy and red tape to improve the services we receive from the Council which, in my view, have been deteriorating year on year.

We all deserve value for money public services that deliver tangible results; be that something as basic as getting our bins emptied on time right through to revitalising the town centre which has, in my view, very sadly changed beyond all recognition over the last few years from a vibrant shopping hub to a wasteland of empty units. I believe taxpaying residents deserves more than the Council is currently delivering.

A particular issue I am very troubled by is the rising level of violent crime, anti-social behaviour and drug dealing in the town which has been exacerbated by the closure of our police station that not only provided a safe, open place to residents needing to use it, its presence, without doubt, provided a deterrent against crime in Eastleigh itself and the wider constituency.  We have the right to feel safe in our town and constituency with a visible police presence to provide that comfort and assurance, not a remote office on the outskirts of town that you cannot walk into without making an appointment.

About Me

A bit more about me, I worked for the NHS at Omega House for almost five years, supporting a Clinical Commissioning Group Board which gave me a working insight into how public services are organised and delivered… there is a lot of work to do.  I also worked for the Commissioning Support Unit at Omega House in the Freedom of Information Team dealing with requests from members of the public, Councillors and Members of Parliament for Wednesday’s Prime Minister’s Questions.

For a time in 2015, I worked at Prysmian in their centenary year, supporting the CEO and Senior Management Team and whilst there was involved in organising a UK Trade and Industry visit.

Whilst working for a large financial services organisation in Southampton, I was Chair of the UK Employee Forum, representing circa 2,000 employees in Southampton and a further 2,500 across the UK. I also lead a local Leaseholder Action Group fighting for much needed changes in Leasehold law via the National Leasehold Campaign to demand the same rights for Leaseholders that other homeowners enjoy.

My practical career experience, gained in public sector organisations, manufacturing, a social enterprise and professional services, including law and financial services, affords me the knowledge, experience and skills to properly represent you as your Councillor and Member of Parliament..

So, if you are hungry for meaningful change, are disillusioned with the shenanigans of the main parties or just feel politically homeless, why not consider voting for me and Reform UK…what have you got to lose?

Eastleigh Constituency Map

Eastleigh Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 69982

Eastleigh is a key marginal seat for the GE… the current Tory MP is moving to the new Hamble seat and the Lib Dem Council are currently being investigated for fraud… I can smash this with help from the party and now I have plenty of time on my hands not working full time I will be putting all my time into campaigning. 

I signed a one year lease last Thursday to open a constituency office in central Eastleigh for my new business and a Reform UK office.  A supporter has let it to me cheap to help me.  I will also now be able to join the Eastleigh BID (Business Improvement District) now I have a business in the town to provide advice and influence re the Lib Dem Council.  They have just sacked the Tory  MP as he never turned up for one meeting!!  I therefore intend to become the political voice in the Eastleigh business community.


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5 Eastleigh South (I'm Standing here in May '24 Local election)

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