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My Background

As a child of the sixties, I witnessed things in the UK get better on a yearly basis. The seventies faltered with the three-day week and unelected Unions trying to run the country. I am now witnessing the further destruction of the UK and I want to reverse this.

Initially I studied Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, I then decided that the construction industry would be better and spent thirty years in this industry. I worked on jobs which ranged between large government projects to small and medium developments. I was used as trouble shooter on building sites and turned round failing sites.

I have also worked in the Solar Energy Industry, which already is the answer to most of our energy problems. I’m surprised at the lack of uptake in the UK.

My Beliefs

I now believe that both Labour and the Conservatives are unable to lead our country in the right direction. There is no real leadership anymore, just a wish to get re-elected

The Health Service

I am a supporter of the NHS. I have seen it in action firsthand with friends and various members of my family. I also have members of my family who have worked in the NHS and still do. I have met people who supply the NHS. They tell me that there is a lot of waste and inefficiency, which I do not blame the staff for as they are wonderful. The staff see problems themselves and tell me about them, but the system doesn’t seem to be able to react or make any changes. I suggest we correct the problems we have at the moment before simply spending more taxpayer’s money.

Our Armed Services

At present we can get the whole of the British army into Wembley Stadium, this is not sustainable! Even the role of the Royal Navy is diminishing due to lack of recruits, leaving our role in the world to be at a dangerous level. This needs to reversed.


Long ago the days of driving on well kept roads is a thing of the past, we are now paying more for even less in return. Due to government grants being reduced to councils, they are now going bankrupt due to poor management due to unnecessary woke agendas which add no value to what the public really need.

I Would Like: a level playing field for all. Less tax on working and more tax on luxuries.

Dislikes: Woke, unnecessary bureaucracy, people taking false advantage of an outdated asylum system.

Eastbourne Constituency Map

Eastbourne Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 73322


1 Devonshire

2 Hampden Park

3 Langney

4 Meads

5 Old Town

6 Ratton

7 St Anthony's

8 Sovereign

9 Upperton

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