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For over twenty years, Alton has been my home.  My wife and I have raised our three children in East Hampshire.  We consider ourselves “locals”, who know the area well.  Last year I decided it was time for me to step up and stand for office. I was successful and became a town councillor for Alton - Wooteys ward.

Growing up in 1970s London, I developed a keen interest in politics.  I experienced the chaos of strikes and threat of IRA terror attacks. However, I was also fully aware of the wonderful sense of community and the positive contributions from integrated immigrants.

Since that time, I have seen Britain change and not for the better. The false promises, incompetence and divisive policies of the three “traditional” parties have broken Britain and our beloved Nation is now on its knees.

Runaway development of greenfield sites, mismanagement of public services, horrific levels of crime, rampant taxation, outrageous increases in the cost of living prompted (in part) by the fanatical pursuit of Net Zero and (last but not least) record mass immigration have combined to ruin the lives of British people.

Reform UK offers a no-nonsense alternative. We will:

Fast-track brownfield house building, prioritise social housing for British people, reorganise and repair the wrecked public services, hire forty thousand front-line police officers, leave more of your pay in your pocket, ensure your taxes are spent responsibly, stand up for British values, culture & traditions and take back full control of our borders & laws.

We must unleash the great potential of our citizens in order to thrive as a Nation.

Working together, Let’s Make Britain Great.

East Hampshire Constituency Map

East Hampshire Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 69959


1 Alton Amery

2 Alton Ashdell

3 Alton Eastbrooke

4 Alton Holybourne

5 Alton Westbrooke

6 Alton Whitedown

7 Alton Wooteys

8 Bentworth & Froyle

9 Binsted, Bentley & Selborne

10 Buriton & East Meon

11 Clanfield

12 Four Marks & Medstead

13 Froxfield, Sheet & Steep

14 Horndean Catherington

15 Horndean Downs

16 Horndean Kings & Blendworth

17 Horndean Murray

18 Liss

19 Petersfield Bell Hill

20 Petersfield Causeway

21 Petersfield Heath

22 Petersfield St Peter's

23 Ropley, Hawkley & Hangers

24 Rowlands Castle

25 Oakley & The Candovers

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