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There has never been an election in modern times where so much has depended on your vote. This is your chance to get rid of the Conservatives and unelected World Economic Forum member Rishi Sunak before he passes the baton to Labour and unelected WEF member Keir Starmer to finish the job of destroying this great country of ours. If we want change we need to vote for it.

We need Reform and a new way of doing things instead of the current two party system which has let us all down so badly for decades. Nobody can serve two masters that have different agendas and all politicians should only serve the people of the United Kingdom or not at all. The answer is to vote Leon Harris for Ealing North on July 4th and together we will make our constituency a better place to live for all of us. I work for you.

  • Uncontrolled migration under the Conservatives is rapidly turning native Brits into a minority and London has changed so much in the last four years it is barely recognisable. This is set to continue if we allow Labour and Keir Starmer to introduce their policies.

  • Housing is already unaffordable for so many of us it is beyond a joke. Ever increasing house prices and rents are making it so our children will never be able to afford a home of their own.

  • Our hospitals are under so much pressure that getting appointments for emergency treatment for our loved ones is a very real challenge.

  • Schools are now teaching our children they can change sex as young as five years old. Stop all the woke nonsense.

  • Councils are using tax payer money to decorate our roads with colourful crossings and cutting down trees whilst leaving our drains blocked causing flooding and blaming climate change to introduce unfair ULEZ charges.

Reform will tackle the cost-of-living crisis created by successive Conservative governments by increasing the income tax threshold from £12,540 to £20,000 a year leaving you with £3,000 a year more in your pockets.

Ealing North Constituency Map

Ealing North Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 72985


1 Central Greenford

2 Greenford Broadway

3 North Greenford

4 North Hanwell

5 Northolt Mandeville

6 Northolt West End

7 Perivale

8 Pitshanger

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