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I was born and raised on a sheep and cattle farm in Southland, New Zealand, and have since lived and worked in several major cities, including Sydney, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, and London. Currently, I reside in Bromley with my wife, a SENCO teacher in Dulwich, and our two sons.

I have strong links to Dulwich and West Norwood (DAWN), having lived in various locations across the constituency since the early 90s. My first job in the UK was pulling pints at the Crown & Greyhound in Dulwich Village and I have been actively involved with a local Rugby Club in Dulwich for 9 years (I am an IRB qualified Rugby coach).

I have had a long career in IT and Finance, first starting in Investment Banking in the early 90’s in London. I am currently a Director with an Investment Bank, working on high-profile projects as a Program Manager. This is a role which I enjoy immensely and is indeed a dream come true for me to be living and working in IT and finance in London.

After years of following politics, I became actively involved in 2017 and in 2018 I was elected as a local Councillor in Bromley. During my tenure, I worked diligently at both the ward and council levels, addressing issues such as housing, planning, traffic, and community projects. One notable achievement was leading an initiative to implement secure online council meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring democratic processes continued unabated.

Dulwich and West Norwood

Whilst there are a number of international events that have gained much needed attention and scrutiny, as your MP, my primary focus will be the people of DAWN.

Drawing on my experience as a local Councillor, I will work tirelessly to address local issues and support community organisations, particularly those relying on volunteers. My experience in sports club management will be instrumental in engaging with and supporting local clubs and organisations. These clubs and organisations are an under acknowledged key part of our community and must be supported and encouraged.

I stand firmly against Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) and the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), which have proven to be detrimental to social cohesion and disproportionately affect the poorest in our communities. These measures must be removed, and I fully support Reform's policy to legislate their removal across DAWN and the UK.

General Election 2024

Rishi Sunak has called a short-dated snap election for 4 July 2024 on 22 May 2024. I find this to be an arrogant and manipulative attempt to subvert democracy. Sunak knows that Reform, along with all parties, including his own, will have to work hard to field candidates, get forms completed and organise campaigns in time. This will mean that the people of DAWN and the UK may not get the opportunity to vote in a fully informed manner. Reform is committed to fielding the full list of candidates and we will be putting in our best efforts in to ensure you the British people have a democratic choice and voice on 4 July 2024.

On the 4th of July, it is time for the UK to have its own Independence Day, for the British people to be finally rid of the UniParty of Labour and the Tories – we shall not go quietly into the night!

Dulwich and West Norwood Constituency Map

Dulwich and West Norwood Constituency Map

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Electorate: 74314


1 Champion Hill

2 Coldharbour

3 Dulwich Village

4 Dulwich Wood

5 Gipsy Hill

6 Herne Hill

7 Knight's Hill

8 Thurlow Park

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